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Makeup IVE Jang Won Young?… Natural visuals in Paris

IVE Jang Won Young showed off her DIY makeup skills.

Jang Won Young’s Paris vlog was uploaded to IVE’s YouTube channel on November 22. Viewers were able to see her daily life while performing her schedule in Paris, including Miu Miu parties.

Jang Won-young

On her second morning in Paris, Jang Won Young turned on the camera while doing her hair and makeup. Even though it was morning, she boasted of dazzling visual effects.

She outlined her schedule:This is my second plan in Paris. I spent 3 busy days in Korea and returned to Paris last night. Tomorrow is Miu Miu Show. I’m going to drop by the Miu Miu store today and a few places I wanted to visit and eat something delicious“.

Jang Won-young

Since it was a simple schedule, her hair and makeup were done according to a natural concept.

Jang Won Young explained the make-up collaboration: “I draw the eyebrows myself and she (the makeup staff) checks the details. I also apply the eyeshadow in the color I want myself while she checks the details“.

Jang Won-young

The finished makeup was beautiful. It was natural, but there was no lack of detail.

Jang Won Young’s beautiful charm stood out.

Jang Won-young

Jang Won Young applied the blush herself.

She gently finished her makeup, saying:I wanted to make it like MLBB. Today I do it really lightly“.

Fans then got to see Jang Won Young enjoying Paris.

Jang Won-young

Meanwhile, Jang Won Young returned to Korea after the end of the Paris Fashion Week schedule on October 6. She is active as an MC in KBS-2TV’s “Music Bank”.

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