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MAMAMAMOO teases a poster for a return to a new album – meaning revealed

MAMAMAMOO teases a poster for a return to a new album – meaning revealed

MAMAMAMOO is back for you! The K-pop vocal quartet revealed a photo of the return teaser at midnight KST on September 27. The whole group returns with their twelfth mini-album “MIC ON”.

MAMAMOO is back with all the members

The singers of “I Miss You” revealed the trailer for the picture with a large red truck. The truck only shows the front and is all over the place with smoke.

(Photo: MAMAMOO – Twitter)
MAMAMAMOO teases a poster about returning to a new album

It looks like it’s going out of the warehouse and ready to go. Like MAMAMOO, the truck is ready to face the world again.

According to Newsen, the name of their 12th mini-album “MIC ON” means that MAMAMOO is making a comeback as they turn their mics on.

Fans are very excited that after more than a year, the group of vocal girls is finally making a comeback. Many say the album’s name is clever because MAMAMOO is famous for being great singers and performers who aren’t used to lip syncing.


(Photo: MAMAMOO – Twitter)
MAMAMOO poster for 4 colors 4 seasons

Moomoos also make fun of the red truck in the trailer pictures. Solar has a big truck driving license and some say he will be the driver and bring the other three members on a world tour.

Possible MAMAMOO world tour

The thought is not too far-fetched, because according to the NAVER article, MAMAMOO is preparing for promotion at home and abroad. They will do this in order to be able to communicate more closely with their fans.

Obviously it’s not what they imagined it was when Solar is driving the big red truck with other MAMAMOO members as passengers, but it’s more a real scenario.

This can mean simple performances abroad such as evening talk shows or full concerts and tours. Moomoos thinks that this is the case because the members of MAMAMOO wanted to do a world tour.

This thought got a lot of fans very excited as Moomoos also wanted to see the entire MAMAMOO concert all over the world.

MAMAMOO Fans’ rating of MAMAMOO contenders

According to the Korean Moomoos, there were three songs that were made to be listened to. One fan tweeted that it’s like “AYA” versus “Dingga” again, because this time the sounds of the songs are identical.

MAMAMOO announces its return in 2022

(Photo: MAMAMOO – Twitter)
MAMAMOO posted on his Twitter asking fans to participate in IT

One song is alive while the other is more serious and sexy. While track number 3 is more like the b side.

The lyrics for song number one are also more serious, while the lyrics for song number three are very funny, like “Strawberries are delicious … ?? Peaches are delicious … ?? Cats are cute … ???”

The Moomoos who listened to it are surprised and bewildered because it is such a nonsensical song.

However, track number two features the popular MAMAMOO intro and a lot more harmonization that is not heard on their newer releases.

Another Moomoo said the first track is like a mix of their previous songs “Gogobebe”, “Um Oh Ah Yeah” and “Starry Night”, but it’s a bit darker.

Meanwhile, track number two is a mix of their previous fun songs such as “Taller Than You”, “Waggy” and “Mumumuch”.

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