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MAMAMOO Moonbyul Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Rapper “G999”?

Moon Byulyi, better known by the stage name Moonbyul, gained popularity after she made her debut as a rapper and performer for a four-member female group MAMAMOO under the RBW Entertainment banner in June 2014. After her debut, Moonbyul became famous for her rap and vocal skills, as well as a charming personality that captivated millions of fans.

When he isn’t promoting with MAMAMOO, Moonbyul is promoting himself as a solo artist. Since Moonbyul has been in the business for over eight years, how much has she earned so far? Do you want to know if he is the richest member of MAMAMOO? Read on to find out Moonbyul’s net worth!

MAMAMOO Moonbyul Net Worth 2022

According to several media outlets, MAMAMOO member Moonbyul is estimated to have a net worth of around $ 1.5 million this year. But considering her activities as a solo artist, Moonbyul’s net worth could go up to $ 5 million.

Given MAMAMOO’s success after its debut and the group’s estimated net worth of around $ 11 million to $ 15 million, Moonbyul’s net worth seems reasonable considering their earnings are split among four members. But is Moonbyul the richest member of the group right now?

(Photo: Instagram: @mo_onbyul)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul

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Based on the current estimated net worth of each MAMAMOO member, Moonbyul does not hold the title of the richest member. Currently, Hwasa is the richest member of MAMAMOO, while the net worth of the remaining members is approximately $ 1.5 million to $ 4 million.

How did Moonbyul earn so much net worth from this?

How did Moonbyul earn her net worth?

When it comes to Moonbyul’s net worth, the 29-year-old made most of her net worth thanks to MAMAMOO’s income from their promotions and activities such as music publishing as well as official product releases.

Not only that, Moonbyul also earned her share of MAMAMOO TV appearances, promotional deals and more. She recently made her debut as a half of the MAMAMOO + MAMAMOO sub-division with Solar.

MAMAMOO Moonbyul

(Photo: Instagram: @mo_onbyul)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul

The vocal power group in particular has been successful with several of their releases such as “Um Oh Ah Yeh”, “You’re The Best”, “Décalcomanie”, “Yes I Am”, “Gwiaździsta noc” and “Hip”, which they sold over a million digital copies.

In addition to working with the group, Moonbyul has also released her own music as a solo artist. So far Moonbyul has released two mini-albums, a repackaged album and two single albums.

Her latest releases include the mini-album “6equence” released in January 2022 and the single “CITT (Cheese in the Trap)” in April this year, with the latter even reaching second place on the Circle Chart (formerly Gaon). ).

MAMAMOO Moonbyul

(Photo: Instagram: @mo_onbyul)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul

In addition, Moonbyul has also collaborated with other artists. Some of the artists she has collaborated with include her colleagues from MAMAMOO, Red Velvet Seulgi, Punch, Mirani, Seori, HA: TFELT, Brown Eyed Girls JeA, Bumkey and others.

Moonbyul also makes money from appearances on the soundtrack, as well as royalties from many songs for which she is recognized as a composer and author.

In addition to music, Moobyul also takes part in the broadcast. She starred in an internet series Start love in 2015 and appeared as a cast member of shows such as Idol Dramat Operational Team and A beer love trip. She even joined as a participant King of the Mask Singer, SynchronizedThe Idol Star Dogs Championship as well Second world.

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MAMAMOO Moonbyul

(Photo: Instagram: @mo_onbyul)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul

As of 2021, Moonbyul has been a cast member Goal girl. She was also a radio show DJ Avengirls from 2020 to 2021. From 2021 he is a DJ by Moonlight Night Studio.

Rapper “G999” also makes money from her promotional contracts. Some of the brands and companies it has endorsed include Round A’Round, Coca-Cola, Heineken, and others.

Thanks to them, Hwasa was able to earn the net worth she has today.

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