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MAMAMOO Wheein Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is An “Easy” Singer?

Jung Wheein, better known as simply Wheein, gained worldwide popularity after making her debut as a vocalist and performer of the four-member vocal power group MAMAMOO in June 2014. After Wheein made her debut with RBW Entertainment, she became known for her amazing vocal abilities.

In addition to promoting as a member of MAMAMOO, Wheein also promotes himself as a solo artist. If Wheein has been in the entertainment industry for over eight ears, how rich has she become? Do you want to know if he is the richest member of MAMAMOO? Read on to find out Wheein’s net worth!

MAMAMOO Wheein Net Worth 2022

According to several media outlets, a member of MAMAMOO Wheein has an estimated net worth of around $ 1.5 million this year. But given the individual business of the 27-year-old, Wheein’s net worth could go up to $ 5 million.

Given her group’s success after its debut, and MAMAMOO as a whole has an estimated net worth of between $ 11 million to $ 15 million, Wheein’s net worth seems reasonable considering their earnings are split among the four members and their activities. But is Wheein the richest member of the group right now?

(Photo: Instagram: @whee_inthemood)

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Based on current estimates of the net worth of MAMAMOO members, Wheein is not the richest member of the group. Currently, Hwasa is the richest member of MAMAMOO, while the net worth of the other members ranges from $ 1.5 million to $ 4 million.

How did Wheein earn this net worth?

How Did Wheein Earn Its Net Worth?

Regarding Wheein’s fortune, singer “Easy” made most of her net worth thanks to the income MAMAMOO received from their activities and promotions, including music releases and official merchandise.

In addition, Wheein also received its share of the profits from the group’s performances in broadcasts and promotion deals, among others.


(Photo: Instagram: @whee_inthemood)

MAMAMOO in particular has been successful with several music releases, in particular the singles “Um Oh Ah Yeh”, “You’re The Best”, “Décalcomanie”, “Yes I Am”, “Starry Night” and “Hip”, all of which of them exceeded over one million digital copies sold.

In addition to her activities at MAMAMOO, Wheein is also active as a solo artist. So far, Wheein has released two mini-albums and one single: “Soar”, “Redd” and “Whee”, all of which made the top 10 of the Circle Album Chart (formerly known as Gaon).


(Photo: Instagram: @whee_inthemood)

Wheein has also performed and collaborated with other artists. Some of the artists she released songs with include her colleagues from MAMAMOO, Super Junior Heechul, Jeff Bernat, Sik-K, Ailee, VIXX Ravi, CNBLUE, MONSTA X, Park Bom, Peakboy, GOT7 Jay B and others.

Wheein also makes money from her original appearances on the soundtrack to movies and dramas, as well as royalties from songs for which she is recognized as an author and composer.

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(Photo: Instagram: @whee_inthemood)

Wheein is also active on the air. In fact, she has appeared as a contestant in several shows such as 100 people, 100 songs, Duet Song Festival, King of the masked singerand Singing battle. She was also a cast member Secret Unnie.

She also worked as a special DJ in the MBC FM4U radio program Dream radio.

Thanks to them, Wheein was able to earn the net worth she has today.

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