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MAMAMOO+ will present new single “Act 1, Scene 1” THIS day

MAMAMOO+ will present new single “Act 1, Scene 1” THIS day

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MAMAMOO+ New song THIS month

On March 13, MAMAMOO+’s sub-unit Moonbyul and Solar announced that they would be returning with another single titled “Act 1, Scene 1” on March 29.

The duo revealed the release schedule for Act 1, Scene 1, including when concept art, music video trailers, and more will be available.

(Image credit: RBW Entertainment)

Over the next two weeks, Solar and Moonbyul will be revealing three concept images before a pre-release single and accompanying music video are made available.

Then, over the next week, the duo will reveal three more concept images and three music video teasers ahead of the debut of “Act 1, Scene 1” on March 29.

The group will also release a teaser for their upcoming album this week.

The main comeback artwork, which featured a bright pink background and “ACT 1, SCENE 1” printed in bold black writing, was first revealed by the group as a joke.


(Image: Twitter @RBW_MAMAMOO)

Moreover, many fans were quick to point out that the women were merely throwing clues that the audience could find.

Several fans immediately noticed that the letter “C” formed a crescent shape, paying homage to MoonByul (called Moonster or Moonstar by fans).

Along with the film’s aesthetic, the font used was a nod to Moonbyul’s earlier solo album.

Fans, however, were quick to point out that the bright pink screamed Solar, and that if you put the moons together, you get the shape of the sun.

MooMoos and team members often refer to Solar as the Sun. For example, the women in MAMAMOO’s song “Yes I am” pronounce 4 with the Sun.

MAMAMOO+ reveals track list

This track list indicates that their first single, “ACT 1, SCENE 1”, features four tracks, including the title track “GGBB”, as well as the tracks “Chico Malo”, “LLL” and “LLL Aniri”, which will be only found on CD.


(Image: Twitter RBW_MAMAMOO)

The album is scheduled to be released on March 29 at 6 p.m. KST

MAMAMOO+ The first successful song of the subgroup

Moreover, it wasn’t the first time Solar and Moonbyul sang together. They released their first song with South Korean rapper BIG Naughty titled “Better”, the last one in 2022.

Following MAMAMOO’s compilation album “I Say MAMAMOO: The Best” last August, “Better” represents both Solar and Moonbyul’s first non-solo releases in a year.


(Image credit: RBW Entertainment)

This happened shortly after Wheein, who is still a member of the group, left her longtime agency RBW Entertainment.

The members of MAMAMOO have been focusing on solo projects for most of the last two years.

Members Solar, Moonbyul and Wheein released mini-albums during this time, while Hwasa released both the single “Just Talking To Myself” and the album “Guilty Pleasure” during the same period.

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