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Migration Crisis – Latest: White House Says DeSantis Is Moving ‘Deeply Alarming’ As Thousands More Flights Are At Risk

“Just Wrong”: The White House Condemns Migrants’ Flight to Martha’s Vineyard

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has doubled his unannounced decision to send two planes carrying 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday, a conspiracy that has been widely criticized by his critics as a political pinnacle and praised in far-right circles as innovative.

“The moment even a small part of what these border towns deal with on a daily basis is brought to their front door, they suddenly go berserk … it just shows that you know their signaling of virtue is a hoax,” he said Florida’s governor on Thursday.

Elected officials and critics of the so-called governor’s relocation program, which sent dozens of migrants to the island with the promise of getting a home and a job, quickly called on him for using people for a political ploy.

“It’s an abstraction of human life,” said documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, appearing on CNN to promote his new Holocaust film. “It basically says that you can take advantage of human life and… put it in a political pawn in someone’s authoritarian game.”

Elsewhere, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has dispatched two buses carrying migrants to the door of Vice President Kamala Harris’s home in Washington.


Opinion: What do insiders say about Ron DeSantis running for president in 2024?

Ron DeSantis is considered a possible contender for the Republican ticket in the presidential election of 2024. One of the instigator’s governor’s sales platforms is his tough approach to immigration. He often spoke about transporting immigrants to Delaware in his speeches.

As the Governor of Florida makes headlines once again with his controversial policy, it’s worth revisiting Independent the last assessment of what insiders say about the candidacy of the GOP governor for president in 2024.

The Florida governor has become a conservative golden boy in the past two years thanks to his loose approach to tackling the Covid-19 pandemic and his tough guy demeanor, as well as some notable political victories by the conservatives. Now it seems to be getting attention not only from Republicans but also from Democrats. California Governor Gavin Newsom, whose profile has risen in popularity since he rejected a conservative-backed withdrawal last year last year, launched an ad on Christmas weekend where DeSantis hit and urged people who dislike him to come to California.

Eric Garcia, The Independent

Read the full review from Eric Garcia below:


The White House calls migrant flights by GOP governors “deeply alarming”

The White House said on Thursday that Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are using migrants to punish Democrat-led state and local government leaders is a “deeply alarming” feat that puts innocent children at risk of gaining political points.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that the two governors disrupted the federal process of dealing with migrants and using migrants as “political pawns.”

Andrew Feinberg has a history.


JFK libraries tweets about DeSantis migrant flights

The 35th President’s presidential library posted an article on Twitter about “Reverse Liberty Rides” that were once offered by the southern states to black Americans.

“To embarrass northern liberals and humiliate blacks, the southern White Civic Councils launched so-called” Reverse Liberty Rides, “giving Blacks one-way tickets to northern cities with false promises of work, housing and a better life, the library tweeted.


DeSantis boasts of its ‘innovative’ migrant escape Martha’s Vineyard despite widespread criticism

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis boasted of his “innovative” strategy of sending two planes full of Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

“We are not a sanctuary state, and it is better to be able to go to sanctuary jurisdiction,” DeSantis said at the event. “And yes, we’ll help you make this transportation easier so you can go to greener pastures.”


Tucker Carlson called for migrants to be shipped to Martha’s Vineyard two months ago, report

Months before Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped two migrant planes on Martha’s Vineyard without notifying officials, Fox News expert Tucker Carlson took to his platform to unveil a plan that had frighteningly similar parallels to the one that was executed by governor.

“Joe Biden took 70 percent of the vote on that tiny island of Massachusetts,” he began on his July 26 program, as Matt Gertz, a senior employee, said on Twitter. Media matters. “So you can imagine Edgartown being quite diverse,” he added, citing the town in Martha’s Vineyard where the Obamas have an estate.

“Edgartown is 95.7 percent white,” he said, appalled.

“They are begging for more variety. Why not send migrants there in huge numbers? ” he suggested, stating that he would start at 300,000 and move from there when the island got “stronger”.


DeSantis threatens to fly “several thousand more” migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has threatened to fly “several thousand more” illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Christina Pushaw, director of rapid response in Mr. DeSantis’ re-election campaign, called on officials on an exclusive island off the coast of Massachusetts to accept more Florida migrants.


DeSantis boasts of Martha’s Vineyard’s “innovative” activities and calls residents “virtue signaling scams”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did not hesitate to brag about his plan to ship two planes filled with 50 Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in his first public statements since his unannounced trip on Wednesday.

“We take what is happening on the southern border very seriously – unlike some, and unlike the president of the United States who refused to lift a finger to secure that border,” the governor said on Thursday.

“If you have people who are inclined to think Florida is a good place, our message to them is that we are not a sanctuary-state and better be able to go to sanctuary jurisdiction. And yes, we will help you facilitate this transport so that you can go to greener pastures, ”he said in his more than four and a half minutes answer to the question.

“All these people in Washington and New York beat their chests when Trump was president, saying they were so proud of being a sanctuary jurisdiction, saying how bad it is to have a safe border. with everyday doors, they suddenly go berserk and are so upset that this is happening, and that only shows that you know their virtue signaling is a scam.


ICYMI: Texas has spent more than $ 12 million shipping migrants to New York and Washington, according to documents

CNN said the cost of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s highly politicized campaign to send migrants arriving at the southern border to Washington and New York cost the state $ 12 million.

Since the Republican governor announced the expensive program in April, the state of Lone Star has reportedly paid $ 12,707,720.92 to Wynne Transportation, a charter service tasked with transporting recently arrived migrants to sanctuary cities.

CNN uncovered a receipt of a controversial attempt that was once dubbed a “kidnapping” by critics, filing a freedom of information request with the Texas Division of Emergency Management. The organization later confirmed that the state spent $ 12 million on the program from its inception through August 9.

The Abbott government began shipping undocumented immigrants to the nation’s capital in April. He renewed his pledge to upset politicians who criticized his border policy by extending the effort to New York City in August.

Read the full report from The Independent Johanna Chisholm below:


Video: Buses carrying migrants arrive in front of Kamala Harris’s DC home

A video from social media shows the scene as two buses carrying Texas migrants, directed by Governor Greg Abbott, arrive in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’s house in Washington.

Watch the clip below here:


Massachusetts Officials Call Florida Governor’s “Secret Conspiracy” To Send Migrants “Like Cattle”, “Broken Thing To Do”

Massachusetts-elected officials swiftly hailed a plot by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to send two unannounced planes carrying 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, calling the Republican actions “incredibly inhuman and depraved acts.”

“The governor of one of the largest states in the country spends his time inventing a secret plot to rake up and send people – children, families – lying to them about where they are going to get cheap political points on Tucker Calrson and MAGA’s Twitter,” said Sen on Twitter Dylan Fernandes, who represents Martha’s Vineyard, Wednesday night. “This is fucking depraved.”

In a separate interview with NPRThe Democrat described how the community was angry with the Florida governor for treating the people he sent north “like cattle.”

“[He] he never alerted local officials and people on site that they were coming. It’s an incredibly inhuman and depraved thing that can be done, ”Sen Fernandes said in a press release.

Early the next day, the state senator shared on his Twitter account how proud he was of his community for surrounding newcomers with compassion, not with the chaos in which they had been dispatched.

“It is a community that comes together to support the children and families of immigrants. It’s the best in America, ”he said, sharing photos of beds and breakfasts quickly prepared to accommodate recent arrivals.


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