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Mina from TWICE decides what suits her best – sexy or innocent

Is there another idea that she should also try?

By promoting your single “Talk That Talk”, TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Face decided to show up together on the day Thumbs upinternet series led by Positionbest known for being the leader of the HOOK crew that competed in Street Woman Fighter.

Title card for Aiki Thumbs up | NAVER NOW via TwiScene / YouTube

Although both members are usually known to be more introverted and quiet, Aiki has been able to bring out some exciting insights from them through some fun games! One was to put on cat ears that moved when the user felt upset or upset. Mina, looking absolutely cute, went first.

Mina TWICE | NAVER NOW via TwiScene / YouTube

The object of the game was to answer as many questions as possible while keeping your ears safe. Aiki had some simple questions, but some were aggravating, such as “Who at TWICE has the greatest appetite?“Surprised, Mina replied”Momo” truthfully!

Work | NAVER NOW via TwiScene / YouTube

Aiki also made statements with which Mina had to agree or disagree, for example: “Honestly, I fit sexy instead of innocent.“With absolute certainty, Mina replied,”Yes.The cat’s ears went up and didn’t twitch at all, showing her conviction!

Ultimately, Mina lost the game to Tzuyu because her ears were moving for a long time.

Fortunately, the punishment matched her previous answer as she had to do a sexy version of TWICE’s iconic song “TT!”

They have been DOUBLE researching more mature concepts in their recent returns, and it now makes sense how Mina kills all of her hot new glares! Not to mention how she was able to drive fans crazy with her sexy performance of TWICE’s “Rollin”.

TWICE has grown a lot in the nearly 7 years since they debuted, so it makes sense for members to grow up and embrace new concepts themselves.

Watch Mina and Tzuyu TWICE on Aiki Thumbs up below! They play cat ears at 20:00.



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