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Minga’s sexy moment during the ATEEZ concert brings Jongho to her knees

There is a joke among them ATEEZfans that “American air” changes the members, making them bolder and, well, sexy during concerts and all!

Even earlier today Maknae jongho drove fans crazy with a totally unexpected selfie in the shower, something no fan thought they would share with the conservative idol (but there were definitely no complaints!).

On November 22, ATEEZ held a second day of concert in Atlanta Team: Break the wall world tour, and like all their recent shows, was full of “American Air” driven moments.

Perhaps most among them, at some point, Something he spontaneously undid the button of his shirt, exposing his chest, and then began to sway and thrust his hips as if his life depended on it!

Some (ATEEZ) | SBS

And of course the audience went crazy for him.

From a different perspective, you can see the funny reactions of other members, including Yunho and Jongho falling to his knees san, Wooyoungand Yeosang desperately trying to shield each other’s eyes from the screen.

Mingi had many moments like this during ATEEZ’s time in America and we love it for him.

This tweet pretty much sums up the whole ordeal, and we’re pretty sure we can speak for everyone if we say we understand how Jongho is feeling!

Fan reactions on Twitter are, as always, highly connected as well.

We love seeing ATEEZ members feel confident and feel like themselves, so we hope to see many more moments like this in the future! And not only for our good 👀.


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