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Model falsely identified as Cha Hye Jeong lookalike in ‘The Glory’ part 2 expresses anger

Model falsely identified as Cha Hye Jeong lookalike in ‘The Glory’ part 2 expresses anger

Following the release of Netflix’s The Glory Part 2, the model was identified as Cha Hye Jeong’s (Cha Joo Young) understudy in a revealing scene.

The model, referred to as Model A, denied this rumor.

On March 15, Model A posted an explanation on her Instagram regarding the body double rumors. She wrote, “It was not me. I have nothing to do with Netflix’s The Glory. I had just gone out to buy some snacks when I received a call from my friend and rushed home“.

She continued, “Reporters and bloggers who write articles and posts as if they were facts without any verification, please remove the articles and posts.

Glory to Cha Joo Young

Adding to his statement, A said: “I’m so stunned I don’t know what to do so I’m leaving a message here first. I will not read any DMs and will delete them all.

Earlier, there was a surge of interest from online communities, YouTube and various social media platforms speculating who was Cha Hye Jeong’s doppelgänger in the revealing scene.

ha yo young

Netizens pointed to the name listed in the credits as “Hye Jeong’s lookalike” and pointed to a specific model. Then the photos of model A quickly circulated the Internet.

Meanwhile, actress Cha Joo Young, who played the role of Cha Hye Jeong, revealed in an interview with Wikitree that “My character had breast surgery in this story, but since I didn’t, we used CGI in this part. A replacement actor was used in the scene where the character enters the bathtub“.

Source: Wikitree.


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