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Mood picker ‘The ReVe Festival – Birthday’ Red Velvet gets rave reviews: ‘Something big is coming’

Mood picker ‘The ReVe Festival – Birthday’ Red Velvet gets rave reviews: ‘Something big is coming’

Red Velvet once again proves its status as the “Queen of the Concept”! After the release of the mood sampler “The ReVe Festival – Birthday”, viewers have nothing but rave reviews of its vibe and visuals.

Red Velvet Releases Thrilling Mood Sampler For ‘Birthday’

On November 15, Red Velvet unveiled an exciting concept on their upcoming mini-album with the title track “Birthday”.

A mood sampler for the song was released that day, indicating the song’s overall feel. Based on the clip, “Birthday” is pop-dance in a trap rhythm, combined with impressive rhythmic drums and cool synthesizer sounds.

This is expected to flaunt the “velvet” side of the group, which is casual, classy and subdued with amazing vocal harmonies.

(Image credit: Red Velvet (News1))

The mood sampler also revealed that “Birthday” sampled George Gershwin’s classical music titled “Rhapsody in Blue”.

Expectations are high whether the heated reactions of music fans to “Feel My Rhythm”, which sampled Bach’s “Air on the G String”, will continue and create a new craze with this song.

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Also noteworthy is the song’s lyrics, which depict a follower returning to the birthday of someone she likes and granting all her wishes, presenting an unforgettable day.

Keywords reminiscent of Red Velvet’s previous releases are said to be “easter eggs” for the song, adding joy to K-pop fans while listening to it.

Check out the full clip here.

Red Velvet receives rave reviews for its “Birthday” concept.

Apart from the song, the Red Velvet concept this time is getting positive reactions not only from ReVeluvs (fandom) but also from mainstream listeners.

Starting with the visuals, people praise the visuals of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri.

  • “This look goes well with Red Velvet.”
  • “Joy’s haircut suits her very well.”
  • “Irene is a god.”

Mood picker 'The ReVe Festival - Birthday' Red Velvet gets rave reviews: 'Something big is coming'

(Image credit: Red Velvet (Miss Nate))

Mood picker 'The ReVe Festival - Birthday' Red Velvet gets rave reviews: 'Something big is coming'

(Image credit: Red Velvet (Miss Nate))

ReVeluvs also said it reminded them of old Red Velvet songs and even an older girl group vibe.

  • “The beat reminded me a bit of Dumb Dumb + Russian Roulette + Psycho”
  • “Reminds me of Pink Tape F(x).”
  • “I’m a fan of another band, but personally I think Red Velvet deserves to be highly rated in terms of craftsmanship.
  • The symbolic objects that are added by default to match the concept of the album are innovative, and the directorial power behind them is one of the main factors…
  • “The name Red Velvet is well made. Even if you ask an ordinary person whether it is a red or velvet concept, they will immediately understand you. Musically speaking, Red Velvet has been a success.”

Birthday of Red Velvet The ReVe Festival 2022

(Photo: Facebook: Red Velvet)

“The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday” will be released on November 28 at 18:00 KST on various music platforms. This album is gaining particular interest as it will be the second installment in the “ReVe Festival 2022” series, following “Feel My Rhythm” released in March.

Music fans are focused on whether Red Velvet will achieve her goals to become the “Queen of the Four Seasons”, starting with being “Queen of Summer”, “Queen of Spring” and this time “Queen of Autumn”.

Fans left comments such as:

  • “Something big is coming.”
  • “I’m really looking forward to this comeback.”

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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