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“Mr. House Husband 2 production team” finally suspended the rerun due to controversy over the scenes of juvenile circumcision operations

“Mr. House Husband 2” suspended a rerun of a controversial broadcast about group circumcision of minors.

The KBS 2TV program “Mr. “House Husband 2”, which aired on September 17, showed the son of former baseball player Hong Sung-heon, who is a junior high school student, undergoing circumcision with his friends.

However, after the broadcast, Internet users poured out negative reactions, criticizing the broadcast as “sexual harassment” and “sexual abuse”. Ultimately, the production team decided to suspend the rerun of the September 17 broadcast and apologized. The OTT service, where the program is broadcast, also announced that the rerun of this program was temporarily suspended at the request of the production team. Only the episode about Hong Sung-heon’s family was removed from the portal sites.

The production team explained: “By talking to the families, the students themselves deemed necessary circumcision, and their parents also agreed to broadcast the content. After spending a month and a half discussing with students and their parents, the content was determined on the basis of the student’s voluntary decision-making “. They added, “The parents of the students also respected their children and agreed to film the content. There was also no intervention by the production team in the process “.

Mr. House Husband 2

In addition, the production team also apologized, “All the scenes from the operation were filmed under the supervision of the students’ parents, and all family members finished shooting in a warm atmosphere. Contrary to our intention to show how family members freely talk about gender issues, we caused inconvenience to viewers. Therefore, we sincerely apologize for this. “

Even after the production team revealed that the filming was agreed between the children and their parents, internet users continued to pour out criticism, pointing out that showing on TV underage circumcision was already a problem.

Source: Daum


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