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Music critics choose 7 idols to debut as soloists: BLACKPINK Jisoo, Day6 Sungjin, more!

Music critics choose 7 idols to debut as soloists: BLACKPINK Jisoo, Day6 Sungjin, more!

In the broadcast, music critics chose these 7 K-pop idols with whom they are looking forward to releasing solo albums. From BLACKPINK Jisoo to TWICE Jihyo, read on for the full list!

7 K-pop idols that music critics say should debut as soloists

(Image credit: Jisoo, Sungjin, Jihyo (Kpop Wiki | SBS PD Note))

Original Genie Music “K-Pop Expedition” audio content selected. seven most anticipated soloists among idol group members who have yet to release solo songs, with the tagline “Now it’s time to release a solo”.

In particular, the “K-pop Expedition Team” consists of esteemed K-pop music critics Kim Yoonha and Kim Youngdae, along with freelance editor Seo Haein, who has been associated with K-pop since the first generation.

During the audio broadcast, K-pop expedition agent Seo Haein selected BLACKPINK Jisoo as one of the most anticipated soloists.

“I thought it would be nice if Jisoo sang the entire solo song with her voice as she sang ‘I can stop my tears if I want to’ on the song ‘The Happiest Girl’ which features her world legend’s falsetto.”

BLACKPINK Jisoo, you're so pretty without makeup... How does it feel in real life?

(Image: Instagram Jisoo)

Accordingly, YG Entertainment has confirmed that Jisoo will finally release his solo album in 2023.

During her “BORN PINK” world tour, the agency reported on January 1 that the female star had already completed the photo shoot for the album cover. As for the music production, the idol works on it in her free time between schedules.

Fan expectations are rising for Jisoo, the last member of BLACKPINK to release a solo album.

Music critics choose 7 idols to debut as soloists: BLACKPINK Jisoo, Day6 Sungjin, more!

(Image credit: DAY6 Sungjin (K-pop Wiki))

After Jisoo, Kim Yoonha’s agent chose Day6 Sungjin as one of the stars whose solo should not wait any longer.

“Sungjin is the only member of DAY6 who hasn’t released a solo album. When I listen to DAY6’s song “Afraid”, I’m impressed by Sungjin’s voice, which makes me feel like I’m walking on the sand of a cold winter.”

“Sungjin once sang this song as a solo, and a demo sung by Sungjin was also posted on JYP’s official website due to enthusiastic fan requests, but the official version has not been released. It’s hard to wait any longer for a solo song that showcases Sungjin’s voice.”

(G)I-DLE Miyeon Minnie, what is a gem?  extreme beauty

(Photo: Minnie (News1)

After Sungjin, (G)-IDLE Minnie was also mentioned, who was widely known for her vocals, dancing skills and stage presence even more after the release of “TOMBOY” and “Nxde”.


(Photo: Twitter || @JYPETWICE) Jihyo

TWICE Jihyo has also been voted by music critics.

After Nayeon, the group’s leader, Jihyo, is one of the long-awaited members to perform solo, recognizing her powerful vocals.

ITZY Shin Ryujin

(Photo credit: theqoo)
ITZY Ryujin


(Image credit: Sien (High Up Entertainment)


(Photo: Twitter: @STAYC_official)

From the seven selected K-pop idols, the fourth generation idols were selected, including ITZY Ryujin, STAYC Sieun and Jay as members of the idol group they are looking forward to solo activities.

Red Velvet Seulgi and Choi Yena named as 2022 most memorable soloists

Meanwhile, K-pop exploration team agent Kim Yoonha and agent Seo Haein chose Red Velvet’s Seulgi and former IZ*ONE turned soloist Choi Yen as the idol group’s most memorable soloists to debut in 2022.

Red Velvet Seulgi 28 Reasons Why

(Photo: Facebook: Red Velvet) Seulgi

Choi Yen

(Image: Twitter: @YENA_OFFICIAL)
Choi Yena “The War of Love”

The original content of Genie Music “K-Pop Expedition” focuses on the albums of K-pop idols and engages listeners with thrilling stories of K-pop music along with a playlist interface (user environment), allowing users to instantly enjoy music covered with audio content.

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