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“My parents divorced when I was in second grade,” she cried at the thought of her mother

Actress Jung Yu-mi confided her family history and cried at the thought of her mother.

On September 15, at 10.20 pm, MBN’s entertainment program “As You Want” continued the journey to Danyang, North Chungcheong in Park Ha-sun and her close friends, Lee So-yeon and Jung Yu-mi.

On the evening of the first day of their stay in Danyang Jung Yu-mi, she caught attention when answering “Mom” to Shin Ae-ra’s question: “Who is the person you think about the most in your most difficult moments? “ Then she confessed: “My parents divorced while I was in the second year of primary school. “

Jeong Yu-mi said: “There was one thing my mother always told me that to always be …,“She started to sob,”it’s not doing anything rude or anything that makes people say I’m a child with no money or no father,”Conveying the mother’s special love and education. Her best friends Lee So-yeon and Park Ha-sun also cried when they saw Jung Yu-mi cry.

On the other hand, the MBN entertainment program “Jak się” is a hyper-realistic entertainment program about travels with the biggest stars who travel in 100% reality, broadcast every Thursday at 22:20.

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