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Nam Joo-hyuk returns in the new movie “Remember”, overcoming controversy over school bullying in his own way

Actor Nam Joo-hyuk, who was recently embroiled in suspicion of bullying at school, will be in earnest with “Remember”.

On Sept. 15, film distributor Ace Maker Movie Works said: “It has been confirmed that” Remember “will be released on October 26.”

“Remember” tells the story of Pil-joo (Lee Sung-min), an Alzheimer’s patient who has been looking for 60 years for a group of pro-Japanese who killed his family and planning revenge, and his close friend In-gyu (Nam Joo-hyuk ), a man in his twenties who inadvertently gets caught up in Pil-joo’s revenge. Filming for “Remember” began in 2020.

Nam Joo-hyuk, lead actor of “Remember,” set to release two years after filming ends, was embroiled in a school bullying scandal just before the release date was confirmed.

In April, Nam Joo-hyuk gained immense popularity after starring in the hit tvN drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one” as Baek Yi-jin and becoming a representative actor among twenty-year-olds. He immediately chose “Vigilante” as his next work and began to consolidate his position as an actor gaining popularity.


However, in July, the first rumor of bullying erupted at school, followed by an additional revelation from the prosecutor who said: “I suffered from his insulting remarks and was forced to buy him snacks”. The woman caused a stir as she claimed she had suffered “Kakaotalk Bullying” from Nam Joo-hyuk and his friends.

Consequently, Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency has denied all allegations, saying: “The article about the conversation in the Kakaotalk group chat did not provide the full history of the incident at the time, but only distinguished fragmentary scenes without giving any context”, addition “The informant’s claim that our actor tried to apologize to them is also untrue.”

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After issuing outright denials and announcing a plan to take legal action, the agency announced that Nama Joo-hyuk would be joining the filming of his new drama “Vigilante.” In response to a move from Nam Joo-hyuk, internet users expressed criticism saying: “Does it make sense when someone involved in the bullying controversy at school now punishes criminals?”

Despite negative public opinion, Nam Joo-hyuk is getting attention by showing its willingness to overcome the scandal by announcing the premiere of his new film “Remember” and a new photo shoot.

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