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NCT 127 buys bread from a famous bakery – but it makes people nervous

NCT 127, who recently visited a famous bakery in Korea to buy bread, heard the sighs and lamentation of fans who didn’t do IT. What exactly happened?

Koreans upset after NCT 127 failed to buy “signature bread” from a famous bakery

On September 18, NCT 127 updated its official version Twitter Account with individual photos of Doyoung, Mark and Jungwoo that seemed to be taken at Daejeon.

In particular, on September 16, the group released their new album “2 Baddies”. To commemorate this, NCT 127 started fan signing events in Busan, Gwangju and Daegu. The signed caption said:

“In Daejeon #Sungsimdang. See you soon.”

In the photos, the three idols showed their bread, which was apparently bought in Sungsimdang. While people reacted positively and praised the members’ visuals, Korean fans felt regret after seeing the photos.

One of the main reasons was that NCT 127 did not buy the famous bread that was known and exclusive only in Sungsimdang. Many fans were disappointed as if it was their job, saying:

“They went to Sungsimdang, but they just bought twisted breadsticks and mocha rolls.”

(Photo: NCT 127 – Twitter)
NCT 127

While the choice of bread they would like to eat is up to members, Korean fans explained that if you are going to Daejeon, be sure to choose “signed bread” only available at the bakery. Fans living in Daejeon actually recommended the handwritten menu, saying:

“If you come to Sungsimdang, you have to buy Bomunsan echoes, ink bats and a pollock baguette.”

Another reason fans were “nervous” was the location they visited, which is the Daejeon Convention Center in Sungsimdang, its smallest branch.

  • “I don’t see the bread on their tray that is said to be the most famous in Sungsimdang.”
  • “Ha, I’m really disappointed. Going to this branch already annoys me, but they also bought this bread. “
  • “Come back to Daejeon, I’ll buy you” real “bread.
  • “It’s fun, but it’s annoying.”
  • “Who buys twisted fingers and mocha rolls in Sungsimdang? This is no different than buying at your local bakery. It’s unimaginable that women like men with an empty fridge. “

One supporter defended members at the time and argued that although the branch is the smallest shop, the bread from there is often sold out and therefore NCT 127 only buys this bread.

The Tale of NCT 127 Reappearing as a “Little Eater”

NCT 127 2 BODY

(Photo: Twitter: @ NCTsmtown_127)
NCT 127

On the other hand, some K-pop fans are guessing NCT 127 bought the food they really wanted and could only take. The members in particular are known to be “petty eaters”.

In their previous broadcasts, they showed this attribute several times, such as when they left two plates of spicy fried chicken during a meeting, not to mention how NCT 127 complained that five bags of ramen were too much for seven members.

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