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NCT 127 explains why they can’t imagine SM Entertainment without Lee Soo Man

Amid reports saying Lee Soo Man is likely to break a production deal with SM at the end of the year, NCT 127 has expressed sincere thoughts on the subject.

NCT 127 mentions Lee Soo Man’s importance in SM Entertainment

On September 16, NCT 127 mentioned executive producer SM Lee Soo Manu at a press conference for the release of their fourth full-length album, “2 Baddies,” at the Sofitel Ambassador Seoul in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

(Photo: NCT 127 (News1))

In particular, the team expressed their thoughts on earlier reports of the end of Lee Soo Man’s production deal with SM Entertainment. NCT 127 said:

“We can’t imagine SM Entertainment without Lee Soo Man.”

Taeyong, unit commander, explained:

“First, we’ve been with Lee Soo Man since we first entered SM Entertainment, since we were interns until now. In fact, we cannot imagine us without Lee Soo Man in SM. We can not really imagine this. “

NCT 127 explains why they can't imagine SM Entertainment without Lee Soo Man

(Photo: Taeyong (Instagram))

The male idol further expressed his willingness to continue working with the company’s founder and executive producer, saying:

“Hopefully 2 Baddies won’t be Lee Soo Man’s last production album from NCT 127.”

Earlier, on September 15, SM Entertainment announced in an official press release that Like Planning, Lee Soo Man’s personal business, was considering an early termination of its production contract with the company.

NCT 127 explains why they can't imagine SM Entertainment without Lee Soo Man

(Photo: Lee Soo Man (News1))

SM explained:

“We were reviewing and discussing the production agreement with executive producer Lee Soo Man, and the producer told us he wanted to terminate the production agreement earlier this year.”

“We plan to discuss the impact on our business with key stakeholders and announce it later.

We will discuss the early termination of the production contract with stakeholders to find the best direction and continue to grow as a leading company in the K-pop culture and industry.

Like Planning, meanwhile, is the privately owned company of executive producer Lee Soo Man. SM Entertainment has entrusted the outsourcing of production to Like Planning and pays out tens of billions of royalties in royalties every year.

NCT 127 presents the fourth studio album “2 Baddies”

NCT 127 explains why they can't imagine SM Entertainment without Lee Soo Man

(Photo: NCT 127 (News1))

Meanwhile, NCT 127, which held a press conference that day, released its fourth full-length album “2 Baddies” at 1pm KST on various music portals.

The album contains a total of 12 tracks from various genres, including the title track of the same name “Faster”, “Time Lapse”, “Crash Landing”, “Designer”, “Gold Dust”, “Black Clouds”, “Playback”, ” Delicious ”,“ Vitamin ”,“ LOL (laughs out loud ”and“ 1,2,7 (time stops) ”).

Expectations are particularly high as this is NCT 127’s first album released a year after the third full album “Sticker” released last September.

The title track “2 Baddies” is an intense hip-hop dance song that combines the addictive sounds of a synthesizer and powerful vocals of the members. It carries the message that only those who run around looking at precious things without caring for the eyes of others can develop and succeed.

At 4:00 PM KST, his music video for “2 Baddies” reached 29 million views, 22 hours after its premiere.

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