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NCT 127’s Johnny amusingly refers to “Incident” with Jungwoo on the “Love on the Floor” stage and fans can’t stop laughing

The “Love On The Floor” scene in Manila was full of iconic moments.

NCT 127‘s Jasio was asked about the “incident” of Jungwoo on the “Love On The Floor” stage, and his response makes NCTzens laugh at his classic “Johnny humor”.

Jasio | @ johnnyjsuh / Instagram


Off the repackaged NCT 127 album FavouriteLove On The Floor quickly became one of the group’s most iconic scenes. Part of this was due to the creative use of the spinning platform for the show, but most of all it was due to the sensual choreography that had lived rent-free in NCTzens’ minds from the moment they first saw it.

Despite the variety of powerful scenes NCT 127 has unveiled to date, “Love On The Floor” has definitely become one of the fan favorites on the NCT 127 world tour in 2022, giving NCTzens a wealth of legendary moments – most of them sexy, some of them them are fun (such as Taeilmishap at a concert in Manila, Philippines).

One such moment happened between Johnny and Jungwoo, and Johnny had the funniest description of what happened. During the concert in Manila, some members of the band danced some parts of the choreography slightly differently.

There is a part where members address each other in successive sequence, a part that they have often played with in the past.

At the concert, Johnny also decided to improvise a bit for this part … and unexpectedly got closer to Jungwoo.

During a recent NCT 127 fan sign, a fan asked Johnny about the “incident” and he hilariously blamed Jungwoo, saying: “It is his fault.” He said with a straight face that they came so close they even kissed a little, then laughed and amusedly confirmed that he was joking.

| @ MySweetgy / Twitter

The fans found it funny, of course, especially since his statement sounded so serious.

Jungwoo overheard Johnny’s conversation with a fan and smiled, showing that he knew exactly what they were talking about. After all, even when the incident happened during the concert, the fan-camers showed that he, too, was trying to keep himself from laughing right away.

As NCT 127 continues its world tour this year, many more iconic “Love On The Floor” moments are likely to come!



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