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NCT brand selected as new Polo Ralph Lauren brand ambassador

NCT brand selected as new Polo Ralph Lauren brand ambassador

Neo Culture Technology, or NCT, is not just that boundless members, but current members of the group also have unlimited and unlimited talents and interests that range from music, performance, cooking, art, acting, and FASHION.

Being one of the K-pops They are boys, NCT is known to receive key offers from reputable international brands, with some members even attending fashion shows. Hence the strengthening of the position of one of the supporters of the boy band SM Entertainment as a fashion icon.

(Photo: Twitter and Instagram NCT)

In 2022 alone, three NCT members successfully reserved seats on prestigious international fashion carpets. In May, Johnny sculpted history by attending the Met 2022 gala.

Meanwhile, Jaehyun traveled to Milan Fashion Week as Prada brand ambassador to South Korea. And recently, Jeno was in the eye of the eye during “Vogue World: New York.

The long list of fashion possibilities for NCT remains endless as Mark, a member of NCT U and NCT 127 and the leader of NCT Dream, is following in the footsteps of the ambiguous Canadian star who is the new brand ambassador for Polo Ralph Lauren, a sub-brand of Ralph Lauren.

NCT sign in a pink ponytail

(Photo: Instagram || @onyourm__ark) NCT Mark

Most of the time people hear Ralph Lauren it’s tied to the Western way of life, and this association ensures the brand’s success in the fashion industry. One of the most announced gems in the fashion world, Ralph Lauren carefully selects his celebrities.

In South Korea, famous names such as Krystal Jung, TXT, Hyun Bin, Son Yejin and Weki Meki’s Doyeon have contributed to the brand’s activities. Mark’s addition to the list proves South Korea is becoming a competitive melting pot of fashion brands.

NCT Mark works with Polo Ralph Lauren

With Canadian rapper K-pop getting impeccable visuals, it remains suggested how brands like Dior are drawn to him. In this way, NCT’s Mark Lee cements the throne in the fashion world.

Following the Mark x Polo Ralph Lauren confirmation, fans can’t help but comment on how “healthy” this collaboration is and is a platform for Mark to express his true personality.

NCT sign in a pink ponytail

(Photo: Instagram || @onyourm__ark)

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In an Instagram post on October 11, 2022, Mark posted photos that confirmed his involvement in Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony campaign. This campaign began in 2000 with the aim of raising awareness of cancer and improving health access to cancer care. According to Pink Pony, their main mission is changing to ensure that the gap in cancer care is reduced.

Additionally, 100% of every purchase of a Pink Pony unisex fleece hoodie or a pink Pony oxford shirt goes to a Ralph Lauren Cancer Donation.

NCT Mark is stunning on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Mark’s fashion craze doesn’t end with the Polo Ralph Lauren! On the official Harper’s Bazaar Korea Instagram account, the k-pop sensation debuts in its first solo cover for the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea.

NCT Mark x Harper's Bazaar

(Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Instagram) NCT Mark

Mark flaunts on the cover as he presents a variety of fashion styles with Polo Ralph Lauren. Indeed, Mark’s fashion is a perfect representation of perseverance, class, athleticism and neatness.

NCT Mark x Harper's Bazaar

(Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Instagram) NCT Mark

NCT Mark x Harper's Bazaar

(Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Instagram) NCT Mark

In Twitter discussions, NCTzens can’t help but express their excitement about the collaboration between Mark and Polo Ralph Lauren, as they see it as an opportunity for Mark to show his different aspects as a person.

However, some fans express their concern for the idol’s health as he juggles the activities of NCT 127 and NCT Dream and other commitments outside of the music industry.

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