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NCT Chenle called these members “monsters” – that’s why

NCT Chenle called these members “monsters” – that’s why

NCT lead singer and Chinese member Chenle is known for his impressive humor. But why did the vocalist of “Hello Future” call THESE members “monsters”?

Is Chenle mocking his fellow mates? Or maybe he is trying to hit a metaphorical joke? Be curious as you scroll through this article.

NCT Chenle called these members “monsters”

In addition to hitting those high notes on every NCT ​​Dream song, Chenle earned the title of one of the sportiest members of the boys’ group with unlimited members from SM Entertainment.

With the current lineup of NCT, it’s common to see some members like Chenle, Sungchan, Yuta, and Jaehyun getting drawn into the sport. But among these names, Chenle remains the loudest thanks to his passion and love for basketball.

The lead singer recently shared a photo with him while playing basketball on Dear U. Bubble and on his personal Instagram account. In addition, Xiaojun, lead singer of the Chinese NCT subgroup WayV, split up on Dear U. Bubble in July 2022 that he was also playing the sport with Chenle.

Being a Stephen Curry’s number one fan, Chenle boasted that none of the members of NCT’s Chinese sub-division can beat him when it comes to hitting basketball. Also, when it comes to skill, Chenle mentioned that he is far from Kun, Ten, Yangyang, Hendery, Winwin and Xiaojun.

However, it seems some of the names in the group are taming the inner aspect of Chenle’s rivalry.

(Photo: NCT Chenle Dear U. Bubble)

Presumably, a fan wrote to Chenle on Dear U. Bubble, asking if he could take on Chicago’s tall member and pride, NCT Johnny. Hilariously, Chenle admitted there was no way he was able to stand head to head with Johnny as he could pick it up with one hand.

After Johnny, the fan mentioned whether Chenle could compete with his fellow NCT Dream members Jeno and Jaemin.

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Surprisingly, this is Chenle’s answer:

NCT Chenle Dear U. Bubble

(Photo: NCT Chenle Dear U. Bubble)

Fans couldn’t disagree with Chenle as NCTzens saw Jaemin and Jeno’s silhouette gradually improve.

NCTzens speculate that Chenle may have called the two “monsters” because of how they spent more time in the gym, which manifested in their toned and muscular biceps. Therefore, Chenle cannot match their strength and sporting agility.

NCT Sen Jeno and Jaemin

(Photo: Twitter || @ matchalatte2196)

You see, Chenle doesn’t mock his members. So it was a metaphorical description intended to illustrate and appreciate just how strong Jaemin and Jeno can be – regardless of the aspect.

Here are some media clips that prove Jeno and Jaemin’s duality:

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NCT Dream’s “Monster” debut

As confirmed by SM Entertainment, NCT Dream will debut on the big screen with its first film, NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: In A DREAM.

NCT Dream movie poster

(Photo: Twitter || @NCTsmtown_DREAM)

The singer’s Beatbox film will mainly feature their moments on stage and backstage during their second world tour, The Dream Show 2, which took place in Seoul in September 2022. Originally, the 7Dream concert was scheduled for July 2022, but was postponed as some members tested positive for COVID-19.

NCT's dream

(Photo: Twitter || @NCTsmtown_DREAM)

In addition, Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung have prepared a special gift for fans as the movie is full of behind-the-scenes interviews that will not only release the boys’ sincere moments, but also an opportunity for NCTzens to immerse themselves in NCT Dream’s thoughts and feelings.

Are you excited about NCT Dream’s cinematic debut?

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