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NCT Dream confirms the first release of the Japanese single in 2023 – here’s what to expect

NCT Dream confirms the first release of the Japanese single in 2023 – here’s what to expect

Are your wallets ready, NCTzens? Long awaited Japanese debut of “Beatbox” singers has been announced!

Seven years after its debut, NCT Dream confirmed its debut in Japan with a single that will be released in 2023! According to the official Japanese NCT website, the single is intended to “commemorate” NCT’s third division tour in Japan.

Follow this article to learn what to expect from Mark, Renjuna, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung’s Japanese debut in 2023.

NCT Dream Pilots in Japan will debut in 2023

As reported by the Japanese NCT website, the first Japanese single NCT Dream will contain two songs, which will be released on February 8, 2023. Accordingly, the first Japanese single will have seven individual versions, two limited and one regular.

(Photo: Facebook | NCT SEN)

Interestingly, in order to advertise the Japanese debut of the septet group, the application for MEET & GREET with members has also started! This would allow NCTzens to talk face to face with the boys and receive autograph sessions at venues live after “The Dream Show 2”.

To take advantage of the MEET & GREET opportunity with Beatbox singers, NCTzens must pre-order the single.

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The seven-year wait for their Japanese debut is worth it, as the surprises for Japanese fans don’t stop there! The official Japanese NCT website also announced that “NCTzen DREAM-JAPAN OFFICIAL STORE” has been opened in the “SMOWN FC GOODS ONLINE STORE”.

Sustaining the group’s world tour as a group of seven, NCT Dream is ready to begin their upcoming Japan tour of “The Dream Show 2: In A DREAM in Japan” from November 23 to December 1, for a total of five shows.

NCT's dream

(Photo: Facebook | NCT SEN)

According to insider reports, NCT Dream has recalibrated its setlist for its TDS2 Japan stops. What could be the bomb that NCT Dream can drop?

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NCTzens are responding to the new NCT Dream milestone

With this announcement, NCTzens couldn’t help but express their happiness as this debut is something fans have been anticipating after NCT 127’s Japanese debut.

Some NCTzens have featured achievements that NCT Dream has received recently. Fans who have been with NCT Dream since their debut could not help but feel the excitement as they witnessed the career development of the septet group.

NCT's dream

(Photo: Twitter | @NCTsmtown_DREAM)

With the rush of social media announcements, here are some of NCTzen’s feelings about NCT Dream’s Japanese debut:

“nct dream tour in japan, nct dream winter album, nct dream remastering candy (?), nct dream fanmeeting, nct dream japan single, nct dream’s debut in japan.

“They haven’t decided on a title yet, but they have a schedule when they will release their first Japanese single nct dream on February 8, 2023. But anyway, nct dream’s debut in Japan is right now!”

“Tds2 movie, tds2 world tour, debut in Japan … nct dream age”

Are you excited about NCT Dream’s Japanese debut? Maybe it’s long overdue, but this Japanese debut is a well-deserved exhibition for the singers of “Beatbox”. Share your thoughts below!

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