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NCT Dream Haechan and Jeno make their jaws drop with their sizzling concert choreography

NCT Dream fans go wild on various websites after what Haechan did in his performance with member Jeno. The “Quiet Down” scene was nothing but the title of the song as the crowd was loud and screamed left and right due to the steamy choreography.

NCT Dream Haechan and Jeno perform “Quiet Down”

At the concert of three members of NCT, Dream was in a glass case that contained Haechan. Once inside the box, the members danced sexy inside.

The other three members, including Jeno, were outside and on the glass, also dancing to the same sizzling choreography.

Fans focused their attention on Jeno and Haechan when they were partners. Both are known to have a lot of fans who post them and call them “nohyuck”.

in video by the fan side, the faces of the two band members were close together and the glass was the only thing separating them.

The lead singer suddenly kissed the glass making it as if he was kissing his companion indirectly.

The 7-second video now has over 1.3 million views!

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(Image: Hitch – Twitter)
NCT DREAM Haechan kisses Jeno during the concert.

The quoted tweet of the famous movie contains over 10,000 retweets, 4,000 quotes and almost 40,000 hearts.

Another fan video another part of their show went viral for the same reason. It was too sexy and hot to handle it!

The original tweet collected over 13,000 likes, 7,000 retweets, and nearly 3,000 retweets with quotes from NCT Dream fans.

NCT DREAM Haechan, Jeno shocks fans after viral choreography at the concert

(Image: Idol Memories – Twitter)
NCT DREAM Haechan, Jeno shocks fans after viral choreography at the concert

NCT DREAM Haechan, Jeno shocks fans after viral choreography at the concert

(Photo: HC Playground – Twitter)
NCT DREAM Haechan, Jeno shocks fans after viral choreography at the concert

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All members were present at the show and, thanks to the sexy choreography, made the fans lose their sanity. However, what shocked the fans was Haecahn and Jeno, apparently going out of their way to give what viewers wanted.

Fan reaction to NCT’s Dream Jeno and Haechan performance

Following the show and concert, NCTzens took to Twitter to express their reactions to the hot performance. Many also joked that it must have been an ordinary day for Jeno as Haechan.

“I’ll never get over Haechan kissing a goddamn glass, and for Jeno it’s just another Thursday.”

“I just want to know how Jeno felt when Haechan literally kissed that damn mirror? HOW MUST SOMETHING FEEL SOMETHING! “

People also comment that the show is about how the LGBT community is “calming down” due to social standards.

Non-fans also compared 2PM and DBSK (TVXQ) to NCT Dream, saying the new groups look silly because they are too young.

However, a fan denied saying:

“It’s not your fault, you can’t comprehend how deep the performance was when NCT DREAM tried to portray how society tries to force LGBT people to silence and then get out of the boxes they were trapped in to tell the public to QUIET DOWN with your homophobic comments “

Haechan at NCT 127’s “2 Baddies”

On the other hand, NCT 127 is set to return soon, with Haechan’s teaser photos posted at midnight on September 12th.

NCT 127 will make the highly anticipated return on September 16 at 1:00 PM KST.

Are you waiting impatiently for it?

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