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NCT Dream’s Chenle reveals that he invited Jun SEVENTEEN’s to “THE DREAM SHOW 2”, only to forget to save his ticket

SEVENTEEN‘s June and 8 I went to NCT’s dream‘s DREAM SHOW 2 concert in Seoul to show your support. While their appearance was a testament to their strong friendship with Chenle and Renjunthe story of their presence is more amusing than touching.

During Chenle’s live broadcast on WeiboChenle first shared his gratitude to Jun and The8 for coming before sharing a funny story between Jun and him about this concert.

Chenle | @ Tylkojunhui / Twitter

When DREAM SHOW 2 was supervised, Chenle contacted Jun and invited him to come. After making sure Jun will get back to SEVENTEEN’s North American section on time BE THE SUN world tour, both assumed that Jun’s presence would be guaranteed.

However, when Chenle wrote to Jun on the first day of the concert in Seoul, he realized he had made a big mistake.

Chenle forgot to book his June ticket in advance! He confessed that he would not remember if Jun had not asked him if he had saved the ticket.

With less than a day to the last day of the Seoul concert, Chenle quickly asked his manager if there were any more tickets left to reserve for Jun. Things looked grim at first when his manager replied that there was no guarantee.

Fortunately, there were a few more tickets left and Chenle rushed to share the good news with Jun, but once again reality struck him. Not only Jun invited to the concert; a few months earlier, he had asked The8 to come to the concert!

Fortunately, Chenle also managed to get a ticket for The8, which brought the ticket fiasco to a high level. Of course Jun has not forgotten to delightfully complain about Chenle’s carelessness to Ratingand Chenle chuckles out of the way.

You can read more about Jun and Chenle’s chaotic friendship here (Chenle isn’t the only one who forgets things in their relationship):

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