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NCT Haechan honored by NCTzens for THIS great career milestone

NCT Haechan honored by NCTzens for THIS great career milestone

Complementing NCT’s majestic vocal line-ups, Haechan stands out for his expressive vocal tones and impressive dance skills, which is reflected in the way he uses his body lines and his facial expressions are always in place.

On November 1, an internet community forum said Haechan’s career was “seriously daebak.” So what did the lead singer achieve that caused admiration for NCTzens?

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NCT Haechan amazes NCTzens for THIS achievement

As the maknae of NCT 127 and among the youngest K-pop idols of the third generation, Haechan has had a remarkable career track record. In an online fan discussion, fans have shared Haechan’s song releases and albums since he made his debut as a member of NCT.

Surprisingly, the 22-year-old singer (of international age) recorded 307 songs and 50 albums!

(Photo: Twitter || SM Entertainment)

Being a legend at 22, some NCTzens newbies and fans outside of NCT have raised the question of how Haechan released 50 albums at a very young age.

The NCTzens veteran explained that Haechan is a member of NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream, thus explaining why the lead singer is active in releasing songs and albums.

Here are some fan comments about Haechan’s great career story:

“Wow, he must make money … young and rich”

“Is it even possible? This is crazy! “

“Promoting in two groups + touring in two groups… If it were me, I couldn’t do it. I’d just lie on the floor. He is amazing. “
“Our baby, so proud of you! So beautiful!”

Knowing this, NCTzens applauded Haechan for his endurance and memory, because remembering all those song choreographies is no joke. Plus, it’s not easy to switch from one song to another during a performance, hence the dubbing of Haechan as one of NCT’s “main killers”.

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NCT Haechan

(Photo: Twitter || @SM_NCT_BACKUP)

In addition to being active in NCT, Haechan also endeavored to sing the official K-Dramas soundtracks. Earlier this year, Haechan lent his angelic voice to sing “Good Person,” a remake of a song originally written by Toy, for the internet drama Ply Friends: Seo Yeon University Class of 22.

Here you can listen to Haechan’s version of “Good Person”.

Is NCT Haechan overworked?

Indeed, Haechan’s record is stunning! However, to complement the online discussion, some fans commented on how Haechan’s fellow NCT Mark also recorded an impressive career milestone at 23 (international age).

Haechan (left) and Mark (right)

(Photo: Twitter || @SM_NCT)

Unlike Haechan, Mark is part of SuperM, a supergroup formed by SM Entertainment, made up of members of SHINee, EXO and NCT.

As both members have crazy schedules, fans often wonder how Haechan and Mark manage their time. After releasing returns on returns and taking part from one world tour to another, fans express concern over Haechan and Mark’s health.

While fans appreciate Mark and Haechan’s hard work to reciprocate their support and fan love, NCTzens still believe SM Entertainment should soften the schedule of the two wonder kids.

Fans are not only concerned about Haechan and Mark’s health, but NCT 127 rapper and dancer Yuta shared his concern for NCT 127’s two youngest members on Dear U Bubble.

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