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NCT Yuta is jealous of this member: “I am very jealous of him”

NCT Yuta is jealous of this member: “I am very jealous of him”

Thanks to NCT Yuta’s great performance on the “NEO CITY: THE LINK” tour, NCTzens are convinced that the Japanese band member is versatile because he can kill the singing, dancing and rap department.

In addition to the solo “Butterfly” scene, Yuta showed his sensual side as he and fellow Taeyong members Johnny and Mark illuminated the stage with “Hello”.

Moreover, Yuta also tried acting when he transformed into a fierce baddie in “HiGH & LOW THE WORST X”.

So when Yuta said in an interview with ELLE Japan that he was jealous of a THIS NCT member, fans were shocked.

Yuta was born on stage, so what made him envious of THIS member? Can you guess? Please scroll through this article to learn more.

NCT Yuta expresses envy towards THIS member

In the ELLE Japan video uploaded to YouTube, the singer “2 Baddies” confidently took up the challenge in the segment “ASK ME ANYTHING”. Here he was asked what talent he would like to have.

(Photo: YouTube || ELLE Japan)

Without hesitating, Yuta replied that he would like to have Taeil’s singing ability as soon as he wakes up.

“I am very jealous of him. I have no problem getting up, but I have to get up a few hours before singing. ” – NCT Yuta

Utah and Taeil

(Photo: Twitter || @NCT_OFFICIAL_JP)

Moon Taeil, popularly known as Taeil, is one of NCT’s leading singers. For NCTzens and his associates, Taeil’s vocals are no joke as his technique is “fully advanced and amazing”. Additionally, when he sings, Taeil is appreciated for the way he communicates emotions through the song, which adds to the overall dynamics of the song.

Watch Taeil’s performance here.

After watching the movie, are you convinced why Yuta is delighted with Taeil’s exceptional vocal abilities? Because he sounds angelic, regardless of the genre of the song, it’s amazing how he was able to kill the singing the moment the alarm clock rings. Indeed, a man born to sing.

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Moreover, Yuta explained why he is jealous of this ability of the lead singer. He mentioned that in his case, he would need a series of throat exercises and mouth trills to achieve the ideal singing range for the day. However, in the case of hyung NCT, Taeil, he could certainly hit the notes on the roof as soon as he wakes up.

Yuta is “jealous” of this ability because Taeil was able to take longer naps before going on stage. Contrary to him, who has to stay earlier to warm up.

Nevertheless, the Japanese member even complimented Taeil in such a way that he sometimes doesn’t have to warm up with his vocal skills.

See Yuta’s full interview with ELLE Japan here.

NCT Yuta and Taeil’s Friendship

In recent videos, Yuta tends to feed fans with Taeil updates in his Instagram feed.

Before taking the stage in every concert episode of “NEO CITY: THE LINK”, Yuta remains faithful to uploading photos and short clips of Taeil, which really got NCTzens smiles and giggles.

NCT Utah and Taeil

(Photo: L’Officiel Hommes Magazine 2018)

Seeing these updates from Yuta, NCTzens couldn’t help but joke about Yuta being whipped for his hyung as his personal Instagram account is converted to a Taeil status account.

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Seeing the healthy relationship between the two members, NCTzens are convinced that Yuta’s “jealousy” is a motivating factor for him to improve himself as an artist. Indeed, Taeil does his job as a group hyung effortlessly – he quietly inspires his members to develop their talents.

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