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NCT Yuta Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Japan’s First K-Idol SM?

NCT Yuta Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Japan’s First K-Idol SM?

Nakamoto Yuta, known simply as Yuta, is the first Japanese K-pop idol to debut with SM Entertainment. In December 2013, Yuta showed talent and potential in his veins when he was announced a member of SMROOKIES, SM Entertainment’s pre-debut training pool. However, before making her debut as a K-pop idol, Yuta took part as a Japanese representative on the show Abnormal peak.

(Photo: Instagram || @ yuu_taa_1026)

Three years later, he made his debut as a dancer, singer and rapper with the unlimited boys’ group SM Entertainment, NCT. Currently, Yuta is part of the Rotation Unit, NCT U and NCT 127, NCT’s 1st Permanent Division and 2nd Division.

Have you ever wondered about his net worth thanks to Yuta’s success and influence as a 6-year-old idol? Be curious as you continue scrolling through this article.

NCT Yuta Net worth

In July 2016 with the mini-album entitled NCT # 127Yuta began his journey as a K-pop idol. Since then, Yuta has realized many activities, including stage performances, concerts and even acting offerings. His operations in South Korea and Japan suggest that the first Japanese Idol SM has a fairly high net worth.

NCT Yuta

(Photo: Instagram || @ yuu_taa_1026)

According to the source, Yuta’s net worth as of September 2022 is approximately $ 1.5 million, tying Haechan and Doyoung to NCT.

Nevertheless, the question remains – is Yuta at least the richest member of NCT 127?

In the source NCT 127 wealth ranking, members like Taeil, Johnny, WinWin, Jaehyun, Mark, and Taeyong have higher net worth than the Japanese K-pop star.

Now that we know Yuta’s estimated net worth, have you ever wondered how his net worth rose to this value?

How does Yuta’s Net Worth Sky-Rocket?

Prior to joining the music and performance industry, in 2016 Yuta was selected to participate in Design United, the British clothing brand Casual. However, that same year, the entertainment company announced the debut of NCT, a boys group that adopts a unique “unlimited members” scheme.

Most of Yuta’s fortune came from his activities as a singer, dancer and rapper. Along with the other members of NCT 127 who were part of the SMROOKIES, Yuta gained immediate popularity following NCT 127’s debut with the title track “Fire Truck”.

Thanks to the global influence of NCT 127, Yuta’s music career has expanded to several local and international TV shows, brand recommendations, and more!

NCT Yuta

(Photo: Instagram || @ yuu_taa_1026)

In 2018, NCT 127 gained recognition with his first studio album “Regular-Irregular”, which was sustained with the release of other albums such as “Neo Zone”, “Sticker”, “Favorite” and “2 Baddies”.

While visiting Yuta’s activities as a member of the NCT collective, the group recorded over a million copies of albums for NCT 2020 Resonance and NCT 2021 Universe.

Yuta outside the musical realm

NCT Yuta next to High & Low The Worst X

(Photo: Instagram || @ yuu_taa_1026)

In April 2022, NCT Yuta made her acting debut in the Japanese film High & Low: Worst Cross (X). The plot of the film follows the fight between street fighters. With his mesmerizing and eye-catching stage presence and the emotion on Yut’s face, there is no doubt how he played the role of Suzaki Ryo in the action movie.

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With Yuta embarking on an acting career, he joins NCT’s acting line, namely WinWin (The Shadow and Sweet Games), Jaehyun (Dear. M), Doyoung (To X Who Doesn’t Love Me), Xiaojun (Welcome to high school students), Jeno ( cameo in A-TEEN) and Jaemin (cameo in A-TEEN and Method to Hate You).

As Yuta continues to explore her talents, it’s no wonder she enjoys such a net worth. Who among the other NCT members are you curious about net worth? Comment on their names below!

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