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NCT’s Jeno goes viral with her immaculate visuals in unedited fan photos and videos from the “Vogue World” event at New York Fashion Week

NCT‘s Jeno has already proved that he is the main character of this year’s edition New York Fashion Weekand he hasn’t even been down the runway yet!

Jeno | @ nct / Instagram

Jeno is set to be the first K-Pop idol to open a fashion show in New York Fashion Weekand if there is anything his look at Fashion world the show has shown it has more than what it takes to get it done. The Vogue show celebrated its 130th anniversary Fashion magazine, and Jeno participated in it as the only Asian artist.

| @ NCTsmtown / Twitter

Jeno will open the designer Piotr Dofashion show. Peter Do is famous for dressing NCT Jasio for 2022 Gala meetingwhich led to a lot of recognition for both of them. In fact, Johnny’s immaculate appearance on with Gala he was so successful that he became the most talked about person at the party!

Jasio | @ NCTsmtown / Twitter

So it’s no surprise that Jeno is now following in his footsteps as he pays attention to himself Fashion world show. He wore a smart black suit and wide jacket – and his stylists cleverly omitted the shirt.

| @ kasia_o_423 / Instagram

While the team has elicited the most hilarious comment from Jeno Beasts Jaemin

… It’s safe to say that it completely shocked the internet users.

However, despite the fact that all the photos look great, fans who have been able to see him in person say that his visuals actually look even better!

In fact, unedited movies and videos with it go viral because they show its really unreal natural visuals.

Jeno may be more introverted, but he certainly proves to be the star of the show. He already collects so many A-list celebrities that NCTzens just knows everyone is kicking for him.

However, fans also express their pride in having stepped so far beyond his comfort zone by attending such a massive event …

… Especially since Jeno himself has argued recently Bubble news that he felt a little ashamed of his revealing outfit in Fashion world.

He’s making big steps in his career, and NCTzens can’t wait to see how far he’ll go!


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