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NCT’s Taeyong expresses his love and admiration for Lee Soo Man after news of his possible exit from the company

He was always close with his mentor.

Earlier it was announced that SM Entertainment considered early termination of the contract with the former president and founder, Lee Soo Manand his company, Like planning. Like Planning is currently a music production and consulting company. As it is a separate company from SM Entertainment, SM Entertainment outsourced these items to Lee Soo Man after Lee Soo Man made SM Entertainment public. The decision appears to be mutual, with SM Entertainment announcing that Lee Soo Man has called for early termination.

We review and discuss the production contract with executive producer Lee Soo-man from various perspectives. The executive producer informed us that it wants to end its production contract earlier this year.

We plan to discuss with key stakeholders the impact of the early termination of the production contract with the general manufacturer on our business and plan to announce the future direction.

– SM Entertainment

Lee Soo Man. | SM Entertainment

How NCT 127‘s comeback from 2 bad comes at a random moment with this announcement, journalists could not help but ask members what they thought. At the NCT 127 press conference for 2 Baddies on September 16, 2022, a reporter asked members how they thought about Lee Soo Man’s impending departure from the company.

Leader Taeyongwhich is known to be exceptionally favored by the former chief, “I couldn’t have imagined SM Entertainment without Lee Soo Man.As he was close to the founder from the beginning of his journey as an intern, he felt a special affection and respect for his mentor.

I’ve been with Lee Soo Man since I was an intern. I can’t imagine MS without Lee Soo Man. Hopefully 2 Baddies won’t be the last piece he’ll do.

– Taeyong

Cases are still under discussion with the esteemed manufacturer. In the meantime, listen to NCT 127’s “2 Baddies”.



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