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Netizens left him in disbelief after Park Jihoon claims he has no confidence in his visual effects

We’d be shocked too!

Soloist and actor Park Jihoon recently starred in K-Drama, Weak hero. He slowly built up his resume from earlier roles in The revolution of lovein A Distance Spring Is Green and more.

Even during the time he was a member of a boy group in you want one, Park Jihoon has always been praised for its visual effects. With a cute face and an endearing personality, it was inevitable that everyone would fall in love with him.

He talked about how the new drama affected him in an interview with Star Messages. He expressed gratitude for the good public response and is rightly proud of his work.

I didn’t know the response would be so good. I look at all the good answers from many people and feel their seriousness because I am honored. A lot of people got to know me anew, and I also felt proud to see a lot of posts about how I managed to change since my image in the public eye was cute.

— Park Jihoon

| @0529.jihoon.ig/Instagram

But when he was praised for the visuals, Park Jihoon timidly stepped back.

I don’t feel proud or confident about my visuals. It’s too much of a compliment for me when they say I’m handsome. But I think my eyes are my weapon. I am grateful to them because they allow me to express many different emotions.

— Park Jihoon

His thoughts on his visuals naturally surprised many netizens. After all, he was one of the visual members of Wanna One!

| qoo

  • “No, but I doubted my eyes when I read the title LOL You’re so damn handsome.”
  • “What”
  • “I totally agree that he plays emotionally with his eyes.”
  • “Uh, but you basically shine a light around you?”
  • “I clicked thinking what’s wrong with the title LOL”

It is impossible not to agree with Internet users.


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