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Netizens Suspect Cube Entertainment May Suggest Soojin Re-joins (G) I-DLE

Earlier, we wrote in the news that a beloved group of girls (G) I-DLE would be back on October 17th.

The announcement was received by many fans as the return marks the return of the girl seven months after the triumphant “Tom Boy” offer and the girl’s first full album. I will NEVER die.

It was also announced that the group’s upcoming album will be offered in different versions. Of these, the X-Files version immediately caught the attention of fans.

| Synnara

The X-Files version has a yellow cover with a red X on it. On the right-hand side are the names of the members. Fans noted that between Soyeon and Yuqithere was an X.

Fans say X marks a space reserved for none other than stop! According to fans, the members’ names, written in order of birthdays, place Soojin between Soyeon and Yuqi, with X on the cover.

In addition, the group’s name has been styled as (G) I-DLE, which fans believe is a sign of the member’s return.

As news reports continue to write about fan speculation, Cube Entertainment has yet to make a statement on the matter.

For context, Soojin had previously left the group due to allegations of bullying which she consistently denied. It was recently revealed that Soojin was found innocent of bullying during the High School Violence Committee of the Middle School, fueling the desire of many (G) I-DLE fans for the idol to return.

Source: TopStar and Wikitree news


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