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Never seen before in show business: Cai Xukun was exposed by his former agency to plastic surgery worth 150 million

The public was shocked when it found out about the singer’s spending on cosmetics.

Cai Xukun, or Kun for short, known as the “Center of the Nation”, has attracted public attention since his appearance in the first season of “Youth With You”. His imposing image and amazing height made him popular.

While most thought the actor had a natural beauty, the singer’s former company begged for something else. Recently, Pelias Entertainment (or Yihai Entertainment) released their actor contract and training expenses, including cosmetics during Kun’s early days as a trainee. It is worth noting that the medical cost section, which included cosmetic surgeries, went up to 150 million won. The revelation sparked a frenzy on the Internet.

cai xu kun
Kun’s former management revealed the cost of the singer’s surgery
cai xu kun
The company also published “before” and “after” photos of the actor.
cai xu kun
There were questions as to whether his beauty was a surgical result

In fact, Kun had previously been suspected of cosmetic intervention due to the many radical changes to his facial features, most notably his chin. However, the singer-songwriter has never spoken out or refuted such claims.

In response, Kun’s fans provide evidence that he has not undergone any surgeries. According to the fandom, his features were natural and his face was shrunk as a result of braces and a strict diet.

Currently, Kun has not released any statement, hence the information has not yet been confirmed.

Source: Sina, Weibo


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