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NewJeans beats THIS record, taking 1st place among the 4th generation groups

NewJeans, a super beginner group of girls that took South Korea by storm, broke the record for fourth generation K-pop groups once again. After taking first place with their debut song on multiple charts, they are now number one for TO!

Read on to find out what the new record has broken by NewJeans!

NewJeans reaches the number one spot with the highest number of Spotify listeners in a month

New Jeans now they have the highest peak monthly audience on Spotify with 4th generation K-Pop groups with 8.61 million listeners.

(Photo: Twitter: @NewJeans_ADOR)
New Jeans

With just 4 songs, the ADOR entertainment group has achieved nearly nine million views on Spotify worldwide.

The number one spot previously was with another HYBE label, ENHYPEN, with a total of 8.53 million streams.

Before them it was TXT, also the HYBE label boy group which has the highest peak of Spotify monthly audience of 8.24 million.

Now fourth place is occupied by boy band JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids, with 7.57 million listeners per month on Spotify.

Another superrookie girl group, IVE, the newest gem of Starship Entertainment, was in fifth place. With just three single albums and a total of 6 songs, Spotify’s most numerous monthly listeners totaled 7.53 million.

Next to them is another group from JYP Entertainment, ITZY. They have over 6.67 million Spotify listeners a month.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment’s boy group TREASURE has a total of 6.65 listeners on Spotify.

Other fourth-generation girly groups such as Cube Entertainment’s (G) I-DLE and SM Entertainment’s aespa are in the top ten with 6.57 million and 6.44 million top Spotify listeners per month, respectively.

NewJeans Top Expert’s Opinion ABOUT IT

Many prominent insiders in the music industry were recently asked by Star News about “fourth generation idols expected to perform well in the future.”

The highest percentage of votes among fourth-generation idols went to NewJeans, which won 16 out of 18 votes (88.9%).

New Jeans Note

(Photo: Twitter: @NewJeans_ADOR)
NewJeans becomes the first-ever K-pop Girl group to achieve THIS on the Spotify US Chart

18 respondents to the survey chose a total of 4 teams (male and female) that debuted after 2020.

As a result, NewJeans and three other idol groups were selected as top applicants. Each of their idols was not chosen to make it fair.

According to a representative of the idol agency, who asked not to be named, NewJeans “is the group that best captures the innocent charm of young women.”

The CEO of HighUp Entertainment said: “I think this is a group that is striving for popularity through emotion and freshness in the 2000s, away from the same framework as a fandom-oriented idol. I can’t wait to see what kind of music they bring to the public in the future. ”

Kim Jinwoo, CEO of RBW (Mamamoo and Purple Kiss Agency) said: “Unlike other groups who have been actively pursuing strong and strong music lately, they follow easy-to-listen pop and express the concept of innocence and trend that stands out the most.”

Other groups that received high votes were aespa with 9/18 votes (50%), ENHYPEN with 17/18 votes (94.4%) and TREASURE with 9/18 votes (50%).

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