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NewJeans Minji New pre-debut photographic surfaces

Another new pre-debut photo of NewJeans Minji was recently made available online. How are people reacting? Find out below.

NewJeans Minji New pre-debut photographic surfaces + wins praise

HYBE’s new girly group NewJeans, founded by Min Hee Jin (CEO of ADOR), has been a hot topic since they unexpectedly debuted with their first title song “Attention” on July 22nd. Members – Minji, Danielle, Hanni, Haerin and Hyein – captivate fans and internet users with their visuals.

(Photo: Twitter: @NewJeans_ADOR)
NewJeans Minji New pre-debut photographic surfaces

Normally, because of what K-pop idols look like these days, Internet users and fans are curious to see what they look like before their debut. As a result, they dig up artists’ old paintings and eventually make them available online.

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The same thing happened with NewJeans, and their premiere photos have been appearing since July. Especially Minji’s school photos were made available online. Another photo of her from the past was recently published.

New Minji jeans

(Photo: Twitter: @NewJeansGlobal)
NewJeans Minji New pre-debut photographic surfaces

On September 16, one of the internet users created a post entitled “Another Minja photo from the past is now available” and attached a new pre-debut photo of Minji’s NewJeans. Instiz user wrote: “It looks like it was done when she went to study languages ​​abroad.”

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The photo shows Minji in a ski suit and standing next to a man and another child who is not fully shown.

New Minji jeans

(Photo: Instiz)
NewJeans Minji New pre-debut photographic surfaces

Post Instiz immediately attracted the attention of other Internet users who praised NewJeans Minji for its beauty. Here’s what they said:

“Sweet hahaha, looks like a niece, I want to buy hot chocolate.”

“Aigo. The baby is too cute.”

“Doesn’t she look like a puppy? Crazy, she’s too cute.”

“I thought we were talking about Gong Minji, they have the same vibe.”

“She’s too cute, looks like a dog.”

– Were these her days with her family? Why is she so cute?

New Minji jeans

(Photo: Instagram: @newjeans_official)
NewJeans Minji New pre-debut photographic surfaces

What can you say about the preview photo of NewJeans Minji? Leave your feedback in the comments section below!

NewJeans becomes the first-ever K-pop group to do this

In other news, NewJeans made history on Spotify as the first K-pop group to make the daily and weekly charts with their debut song “Attention”.

New Jeans Note

(Photo: Instagram: @newjeans_official)
NewJeans Minji New pre-debut photographic surfaces

On the Spotify Weekly Top Song USA chart, which was revealed on September 8 local time, “Attention” ranked 200th, making it the first K-pop debut song to hit the list. The song scored 1,620,963 streams during the week.

Previously, NewJeans’ song “Attention” debuted at number 183 on Spotify’s Daily Top Song USA, and later climbed to number 181.

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NewJeans First EP

(Photo: Twitter: @NewJeans_ADOR)
NewJeans Minji New pre-debut photographic surfaces

The fame of the new girly group does not stop in the United States, as all three of its title songs “Attention”, “Hype Boy” and “Cookie” hit Spotify’s weekly charts around the world. “Note” found its way to 17 different countries, “Hype Boy” in 14 regions, and “Cookie” in six regions.

In addition, “Attention” NewJeans was ranked 36th on Spotify’s “Today’s Top Hits”, followed by over 31 million users worldwide. They are the only third K-pop artist to make the list in history, after BTS and BLACKPINK.

Congratulations to the girls!

Check out the NewJeans ‘Attention’ music video below again to celebrate their historic feat:

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