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NewJeans’ newest style in 2022 KCON Japan draws split responses

NewJeans’ newest style in 2022 KCON Japan draws split responses

NewJeans, known for their Y2K fashion, have recently sparked split responses to their latest styling at 2022 KCON Japan.

Read on to find out more.

After its debut, NewJeans sets trends in Y2K fashion

Following NewJeans ‘unexpected debut under HYBE subsidiary ADOR this August, the girl debut group is making waves on social media not only for their addictive and catchy songs, members’ visuals, but also for their fashion sense.

(Photo: Instagram: @newjeans_official)
New Jeans

Since then, the group of five girls has become a Y2K fashion icon, known for their trend-setting styles despite their debut status in the industry; attracting the attention of fans, combining nostalgia with a modern approach.

Until now, the group and its stylists have been showered with praise for their outfits as not only are they fashionable but also age appropriate for NewJeans members, whose ages range from 14 to 18 according to international estimates.

New Jeans

(Photo: Instagram: @newjeans_official)
New Jeans

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However, despite how fashionable their fashion choices may be, some are starting to question how far their experimental styles will go.

NewJeans draws split responses to the latest fashion in 2022 KCON Japan

The members in particular made fans scratch their heads when they showed up on 2022 Fakt’s Music Awards (TMA) layered in garments of different patterns. While some thought the outfit was age appropriate and creative, others thought the overall outfit was too mismatched.

New Jeans

(Photo: Twitter: @ njjeans801)
NewJeans at The Fact Music Awards 2022

But recently, members of Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein attended 2022 KCON Japan on October 15 local time. During their speech, the group once again faced divided reactions due to their rather unique appearance.

While NewJeans attracted the attention of the public with their charismatic performances and beautiful visuals, the outfits of the band members were a mix of Y2K and sporty streetwear, which was definitely the epitome of fun.

New Jeans

(Photo: OSEN)
New jeans in 2022 KCON Japan

Other internet users thought their outfits perfectly reflected the Y2K fashion, while some felt that the group’s styling was becoming confusing and losing its direction.

Some even noted that they were only able to pull off their outfits because of their young age, while others wondered if the group’s stylist had changed.

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NewJeans' newest style in 2022 KCON Japan draws split responses

(Photo: TheQoo)
New jeans in 2022 KCON Japan

Some of the comments from internet users read:

“Stylist NewJeans lost story.”

“NewJeans is going through that old phase of Kpop, a freshly debuted, experimental outfit.”

“Have they changed stylists? How is it that their outfits are different from those that debuted for the first time? I remember their outfits were so much prettier back then. “

– Are they wearing criminal uniform or something?

“These clothes look like they were sewn by an elementary school student who likes really bright colors… The stylists keep exaggerating. But their music performance outfits were cute. “

What do you think about their outfits?

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