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NewJeans reportedly out of sync at a university festival – but why is aespa suddenly involved?

K-pop fans have had a heated debate about the selective hatred of groups of girls who don’t sing live at college festivals like aespa and NewJeans. The discussion began after the latter was made at a recent event.

NewJeans attracts thousands of students to the Dankook University Festival

September 21, the first day at Dankook University “2022 DANFESTA: WOULD U PLAY?” successfully completed at the Jukjeon campus located in Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do.

In particular, the festival will run for two days, starting from 21st September until now 22nd September.

(Photo: Cookie News)
New Jeans

Even before the first day, many Korean students expressed their jealousy of the participants, especially in online communities and social media platforms. The reason many are jealous was because of the amazing line-up of artists that includes vocalists from AOMG Lee Hi, Woo Won Jae, Coogie, Loco, Simon Dominic and NewJeans.

On the second day, Park Jaebeom, Holy Bang and MVP were also invited to the festival stage.

NewJeans reportedly out of sync at a university festival - but why is aespa suddenly involved?

(Photo: Dankook University Festival (Pann Nate))

Among them, NewJeans, an aspiring group of girls belonging to ADOR, a subsidiary of HYBE, won the hearts of the festival participants, not only because they were the only girl group in the line-up, but because they are currently one of the most popular 4th Gen newbies known from the hits “Hype Boy ”and“ Attention ”.

One of the Pann Nate users was amazed at how NewJeans filled the market with their popularity, although they only came out in August.

NewJeans didn’t sing live? People discuss selective hatred on aespie for lip syncing

While many fans praised NewJeans’ dance skills, vocals, and visuals, some complained about lip-syncing during the festival. The author wrote:

“NewJeans didn’t sing live at the university festival.”

More participants showed up after the post and expressed regret that NewJeans had synchronized with their mouths during the show.

As soon as the post went viral, a debate began, fans defended NewJeans that they were out of sync with their lips, but rather that their backing was too loud, which was why some were unable to hear them well. Some also guessed that it could be due to an agreement between the university and the band’s agency not to sing live.

However, a Twitter participant who attended the event in person explained that NewJeans did a lip sync.

Going back to the author of the post, they pointed out that NewJeans can easily get away with why a group of aespa girls got a lot of hate for it, highlighting the selective hatred the latter received.


Earlier, the quartet started by SM Entertainment was heavily criticized for using AR; Thus, the comparison of the girly group and NewJeans began with how internet users and fans receive such news.

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(Photo: aespa on Facebook)

Following the post, NewJeans fans defended the group and testified to them that the group sang live, but used a backtrack and called on aespa fans to download NewJeans.

“NewJeans was just using AR and singing live, but the aespa synced to his mouth, right?”

In response, some of WE (aespa fans) attacked saying:

“Honestly, can we stop saying AR singing is live?”

What are your thoughts on this? “

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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