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NMIXX copied NewJeans? JYP’s new Rookie song is getting mixed reviews

NMIXX copied NewJeans?  JYP’s new Rookie song is getting mixed reviews

In online communitythe debate started after a netter pointed out similarities between a new NMIXX song and NewJeans concepts.

(Image credit: NMIXX, NewJeans (Kpop Wiki))

Ahead of the release of her first mini-album “expérgo” and title track “Love Me Like This” on March 20, JYP Entertainment newcomer NMIXX surprised the music scene by releasing the pre-release track “Young, Stupid, Stupid” on March 13.

This first track from the album is a continuation of the “MIXX POP” genre, which combines hip-hop and the famous children’s song, noting the members’ stunning vocals and refreshing sound.

The music video for “Young, Dumb, Stupid” was also unveiled on the same day, garnering over 12 million views as of March 14. In the music video, the sextet accesses the game and completes missions.

The music video was loved for its colorful and vibrant scenes that fit well with NMIXX’s vibrant concept. The MV has also caught the attention of the generation With trendy animation and game details with character emojis that fit the concept so well.

In the meantime, NMIXX will officially release their first mini-album “expérgo” on March 20 at 6 p.m. KST and on the same day at 8 p.m. KST will hold a presentation of “Docking Station: expérgo” on their YouTube channel.

NMIXX emulates NewJeans? Comparison of debutants after the release of “Young, Stupid, Stupid”.

NMIXX copied NewJeans?  JYP's new Rookie song is getting mixed reviews

(Image credit: NMIXX (Kpop Wiki))

(Photo: NewJeans Twitter)

When the MV and song were removed, they immediately caught the attention of music fans, especially NSWER (fandom). Fans continued praising the band’s concept, vocals, dancing skills, and visuals.

However, some raised their eyebrows after seeing NMIXX’s new release, claiming that the band was only imitating their fourth-generation girl groups, especially NewJeans and aespa.

In the online community, a network user suggested how significantly the concept of NMIXX changed after their powerful and intense “OO” freestyle debut. The author claimed that NMIXX initially “copied” the aespa concept when they were hugely popular, and changed to something lighter when NewJeans became the new “newcomer”.

(Photo: NewJeans Twitter)

The OP went on to explain that while there are differences in the MVs of both groups, the amazing similarities in their hairstyles, freestyle choreography as well as their outfits were recognizable.

When the post went viral, NSWER quickly came to NMIXX’s defense, calling out the author for his far-fetched thesis. First, the fandom emphasized that the current look of NewJeans is inspired by the year 2000, but in fact it was followed by many idols such as TWICE, VIVIZ, BLACKPINK and others.

Regarding their vibe, people were confused because the two groups were not alike. In terms of a significant change in concept, fans once again reminded people that NMIXX follows a genre called “MIXX POP”, which combines two or more genres in one song, so there is a possibility that the group will use a sound that is currently in vogue.

NMIXX copied NewJeans?  JYP's new Rookie song is getting mixed reviews

(Image credit: NMIXX (Kpop Wiki))

(Photo: Instagram: @newjeans_official)
New Jeans “OMG”

  • “What are you talking about? If anything, it fits ITZY’s ‘LOCO’ the best. (older sister of NMIXX).”
  • “Even though it feels different.”
  • “Many women’s groups do it this way these days. It’s not like NewJeans has reserved this concept.”
  • “Where’s NewJeans?”
  • “Copied NewJeans? NMIXX dance and sing better live.”

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