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NMIXX oozed a mysterious charisma in new teasers for returning members

JYP debuting group NMIXX is returning after 7 months of absence

On September 19, the female group JYP NMIXX will release their second single “ENTWURF”, making their first song 7 months after their February debut.

Previously, NMIXX showed off the second individual concept photos of Sullyoon, BAE, and Kyujin on their official SNS channel, followed by individual concept photos of Haewon, Lily, Jinni and Jiwoo on September 9 at 00:00 (KST), group concept photo at 00:00 ( KST) on September 10, raising expectations.

This time around, NMIXX will abandon the title song “DICE”, which will once again be part of the MIXX POP genre – a genre previously introduced by NMIXX in their debut song “OO”.

On September 19 at 18:00 NMIXX, a group of 7 dancers, 7 vocals and 7 visualizations will present their new single “ENTWURF” and the title song “DIVE” 7 months after their debut single “AD MARE”.

Source: daum


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