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NMIXX’s Lily amazes fans with her vocal after singing Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.”

What song should she do next?

NMIXX is JYP Entertainmentthe newest group of 7 girls. They burst onto the K-Pop scene in February 2022 with their first single “OO”

NMIXX in the music video “OO” | NMIXX / YouTube

One of the unique things about the group’s debut was the way they decided to introduce each member with their cover. For example, NMIXX Lily sang “Finesse” by Bruno Mars equipped Cardi B.

Lily from NMIXX doing “Finesse” | NMIXX / YouTube

Her clean, strong vocals immediately caught the attention of fans and the music video gained over 4,000,000 views! She also proved that she could just as well perform live with a cover Katy Perryis “The Roar”.

Lily from NMIXX performing “Roar” | NMIXX / YouTube

Recently, Lily has become popular when it became known that she would be singing Taylor SwiftAll too well as the next guest Lee Mu Jin Service.

Her voice matched the song perfectly, and fans couldn’t help but react as well Lee Mu Jin Himself!

Some even hoped Taylor Swift herself would notice the cover!

It would be a dream come true for Lily, as her entire group has proven themselves to be die-hard Swifts by singing her songs on live broadcasts!

NSWER people are excited to see the full version of Lily’s song when the full episode comes out!


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