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November 2022 K-pop returns and debuts: SEVENTEEN, KARA, more!

November 2022 K-pop returns and debuts: SEVENTEEN, KARA, more!

We are finally nearing the end of 2022 as we welcome the beginning of the eleventh month of the year, November! With the new month, K-pop enthusiasts are looking forward to a feast as a new set of amazing artists will return and make their debut to make this month even more enjoyable. Here are some of the confirmed K-pop groups and soloists that will be releasing new music in November 2022.

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November 1:

Park Bom

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom is going to release her new single “Remembered” on November 1st as a gift to her fans as part of Design: the present series.


(Photo: Twitter: @dingo_official)
Colde (left) and MAMAMOO Wheein (right)

On the same day, MAMAMOO member Wheein will release the song “Photosynthesis” featuring Colde via Dingo.

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DRIPPING (postponed)

On November 1, DRIPPIN was originally scheduled to release their first studio album, Villain: The End, and the title track, The One. However, the release was postponed indefinitely in the wake of the Itaewon tragedy on October 29.

November 2:


The girly group NATURE will return with their third mini-album “NATURE World: Code W” and the lead single “LIMBO!” November 2.

Pink Eunji (supervisor)

Apink member Eunji was about to release her solo album, Remake Album [log]”November 2. However, he was also postponed.

November 3

ICHILLIN ‘(supervisor)


(Photo: Twitter: @ichillin_km)

ICHILLIN ‘also postponed the release of her upcoming digital single “Draw (MY TIME)” indefinitely on November 3rd to mourn the victims of Itaewon.

TRENDZ (supervisor)

Boy group TRENDZ will postpone the release date of their first single “BLUE SET Chapter. UNKNOWN CØDE” and title track “VAGABOND”.

November 4:

TREASURE Choi Hyunsuk x Yoshi x Haruto

On November 4, the “VolKno” issue of the TREASURE sub-unit, which includes members Choi Hyunsuk, Yoshi and Haruto, was postponed indefinitely.

The heroes of Xdinary

The release of Xdinary Heroes’ second mini-album “Overload” was also postponed on November 4th due to the tragedy of Itaewon.

November 7:



(Photo: Twitter: @Highlight_AUent)

HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as BEAST) was originally scheduled to release their fourth mini-album “AFTER SUNSET”. The release was also postponed.

November 8:

Kim Jonghyeon (formerly JR)

Former NU’EST member Kim Jonghyeon, formerly known as JR, will debut on November 8 with his first album “MERIDIEM”.


Boy group NINE.i will release their second mini-album “I (Part.1)” on November 8th.

November 9:

Seventeen (Japan)


(Photo: Twitter: @ pledis_17jp)

On November 9, SEVENTEEN will return to Japan with the release of their first Japanese mini-album “DREAM”.

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November 11:


Solo artist AleXa will release her new single “Back in Vogue” on November 11th.

November 14:

Oh my girl

YooA, member of Oh My Girl, will return for her one-man concert with the release of her second mini-album, SELFISH, on November 14th.


VERIVERY is going to release its third single “Liminality – EP.LOVE” and the main single “Tap Tap” on the same day.

15 November:



(Photo: Facebook: VICTON)

On November 15, VICTON will return with his eighth mini-album “Choice”.

November 16:


Boy group JUST B will release their third mini-album “= (NEUN)” on November 16th.

November 17:


The recruiting CSR group will return four months after its debut with a new album on November 17th.


Girls’ group CRAXY will release their new single “End of Game” on November 17th.

November 18:


Former iKON BI member returns with a new mini-album entitled “Love or Loved Part.1” on November 18th.



(Photo: Instagram: @nakedbibi)

On the same day, the beloved solo artist BIBI will finally release her first full-length album, Lowlife Princess: Noir.

29th of November:



(Photo: Twitter: @umusicjapan)

KARA, the female group of the second generation, reunites to celebrate their 15th anniversary with the release of the album “MOVE AGAIN”, which will be released on November 29th.

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November 30:

ATEEZ (Japan)


(Photo: Instagram: @ateez_official_)

On November 30th, ATEEZ return to Japan with their third Japanese mini-album “THE WORLD EP.PARADIGM”.

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Which comeback and debut are you excited for?

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