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Oh Yoon-ah “I was trying to hide Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin’s relationship. I followed Lee Jung-hyun on her honeymoon “→ Sandara Park” I want to cheer on the Generation of Girls “

Oh Yoon-ah, Sandara Park, Yang Hae-woong and Justin Harvey appeared as guests on episode 785 of MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star,” which aired on September 14.

During the show, Oh Yoon-ah caught attention and turned out to be a “TMI man” who constantly responded when other guests spoke. The actress revealed a story when she could not read the situation even among friends and that she joined Lee Jung-hyun on Lee Jung-hyun’s honeymoon with Lee Min-jung and Son Ye-jin.

Oh Yoon-ah said “I was about to go to Japan when Lee Jung-hyun got married so I asked if they wanted to come with me and she said yes. Suddenly I felt a sense of duty and tried to make the trip enjoyable. It was very good. It turned out, however, that I followed them tactlessly on a honeymoon. “ When asked if she was with the couple every day on their honeymoon, Oh Yoon-ah explained: “Lee Jung-hyun and her husband stayed one more day.”

Oh Yoon-ah said “I think I was a little tactless”, reflecting on yourself. She continued “We have, of course, a meal at local accommodation. We ate meals in kimonos next to the newlyweds. ” The actress said“Think about it, I think I did something wrong.” When asked if there were many moments in her daily life that made her feel sorry for a lack of sense, Oh Yoon-ah replied: “I’ve become much better.”

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Oh Yoon-ah shared, “When the senior said,” Son of Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are dating, “I replied,” It’s not her (Son Ye-jin), “because I was afraid there would be strange rumors. But everyone knew it. I was the only one who did this “referring to rumors of Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin dating. She was still laughing as she told another story about her tactlessness.

The actress is raising her son Min, who has development problems, single since divorcing in 2015. When asked if she was ever hurt while raising a child alone, Oh Yoon-ah said: “Actually, I don’t like getting advice.”

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She confessed “I gave it my best, but everyone said,” The baby happened like this because the mother didn’t do this and that, “” Mother should have done it, “etc., as if I had made some mistakes. At that time, non-advisers even tried to teach me. There were times when my son got out of control. People looked at me and I started sweating. My son did not try to hurt anyone. It’s his method of expression, but many people have told us to ‘Get away’. Then the child was surprised too. I hope people will cheer him on because he is a child who is like an angel.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park, who recently made headlines as a little eater, said everyone in her family eats little. She said, “When my mother asked,” Do you want to eat dinner? “I replied,” No, I already had dinner so I won’t be anymore. ” Whenever my brother Cheon-dung writes in our family chat saying “Who wants to eat chicken?”, We only order chicken if all four members of our family agree. I can’t eat a lot when I’m alone.

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Sandara Park also surprised everyone when she said that the greatest intoxication in her life was the bowl of ramen she drank when she was in a good mood after living on her own. Revealing that she can’t drink much alcohol after she’s fed up from the hangover aid, Sandara Park also said she had broken up the banana into small pieces to eat at each meal.

There was a time when rumors circulated around Sandara Park. She was reportedly 38.39 kg, but after meeting and eating with Kim Sook and Park Na-rae in “Video Star” she gained weight and even reached 46 kg.

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Sandra Park said: “162cm is the height in my profile written on portals, but it’s not true.” Sandara Park corrected her height because she was afraid that young people might misunderstand that “you have to be 162 cm and 38 kg to have such a nice body”.. Once again she stressed “Guys, I’m not even 160 cm tall.” Kim Gu-ra said: “What good news” praising Sandara Park.

Sandara Park, who recently met members of 2NE1 on the Coachella stage for the first time in 7 years, also expressed her feelings at the time the group broke up. She said, “It felt like the sky was falling.”

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Revealing that there were signs of a breakup during this time, Sandara Park said: “I was wondering, ‘Can’t we see our fans anymore?’ She continued “I spent my life as a member of 2NE1 in less than 7 years, but I enjoyed it. I’ve always introduced myself as “I’m Dara, vocalist of 2NE1”but then I realized I can’t say anything about 2NE1. Then I felt as if I had lived through the darkest years of my life. “


However, Sandara Park, which has become brighter recently, said, “We can do it again.” MC also replied: “It’s also our dream”. Sandara Park continued, “Of course, this is what everyone wants and I think there will be time. When I saw Girls’ Generation come back as a whole group, I thought, “The second generation of K-pop is still alive.” When we met in the past we only said hello, but now I want to say hopefully they can do a lot of promotions “, cheering for a generation of girls.

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