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One of the TOP 3 richest singers in Korea suddenly confessed her romantic relationship in the past

Singer Sandara Park surprised everyone when she suddenly revealed that she was in a romantic relationship at the time she had her hair half-shaved.

Sandara Park appeared as a guest on MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star,” which aired on September 14th with Oh Yoon-ah, Yang Jae-woong and Justin Harvey.

Sandar Park

Sandara Park was very famous for her unique and bold hairstyles, such as pineapple hair, half-shaven hair, and Vegeta hair, during the 2NE1 promotion. Recalling the days when her hair was half-shaved, Sandara Park shocked everyone by confessing: “I was actually dating when I shaved my head.”

Sandar Park

She continued “When I had my hair half-shaved, I felt that something was missing after removing my makeup. This hairstyle is not beautiful at all. Without makeup, having such a weird haircut made me feel less confident looking at myself in the mirror. “

She added “But he said, ‘You look nice with that hair.’

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong media service South China Morning Post estimated and ranked Korean singers based on their assets in September last year. According to reports, Sandara Park came in third with 35.1 billion won in assets, behind IU (approx. 52.7 billion won) and Lee Hyo-ri (approx. 46 billion won).

Source: wikitree


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