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Oscar-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung feared she would also be set on fire by HOOK Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young

“Looks like the CEO rocked it all.”

Among HAK Entertainmentthe gaslighting controversy Lee Seung Giother artists of the agency, Internet users suspect HAK Entertainment actor Young Yu Jung can be a victim too.

Young Yuh Jung | Fashion

In a previous performance at SBS on a variety show, Youn Yuh Jung made a surprising remark claiming that she hasn’t received many endorsement deals.

It’s not that I don’t accept endorsements, it’s that (brands) don’t offer me any endorsement deals. That’s because if an older person wears (branded) clothes, people say “I’m not that old” and don’t buy them. That’s why I buy all my clothes.

— Young Yuh Jung

Some say it’s hard to believe the actress’ statement because Youn Yuh Jung is probably the most respected actor in all of Korea. The venerable actor is highly regarded in Korea and often referred to as his own Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep | Britannica

You Yuh Jung’s statement is especially unbelievable considering she is the country’s first and only actress to win Academy award for his role in the 2020 film till it hurts.

You Yuh Jung’s popularity is evident in the rankings of her independent variety show, An unexpected journey. The tvN program, which documented the actress’ acceptance of the Academy Award, was a critical and commercial hit. The show received 4.7% viewership, which is more than decent for an entertainment show.

Unusual Journey Poster |

Netizens expressed disbelief and concern about Youn Yuh Jung’s past statement in light of HOOK Entertainment’s gaslighting controversy. Many netizens expressed skepticism about Youh Yuh Jung’s claims that the actor did not receive endorsement deals.

  • “Looks like (the CEO) has blinded everyone.”
  • “But they really should review the agency’s other artists to make sure there are no other victims.”
  • “wow.”
  • “At least there’s no way Youn Yuh Jung won’t get any endorsement offers, LOL.”
  • “They need to analyze and investigate all of this (the agency).”
  • “Attacking someone’s self-esteem to get what you want is really the worst.”

Formerly CEO of HOOK Entertainment, Kwon Jin Young, allegedly led Lee Seung Gi to believe that his music career was not profitable. According to the article by Fr settle, the agency’s CEO repeatedly referred to Lee Seung Gi as “Minus Singer”. Lee Seung Gi is one of the most popular Korean singers.

Source: Wikitree and Money Today


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