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Park Ha-sun confesses: “I fear the world after having a baby”

“As you like” Park Ha-sun showed her fear after watching extreme sports.

On MBN’s “Whatever You Want”, aired on September 15, Shin Ae-ra and Park Ha-sun, who were her guides, went with Jung on a two-day, one-day trip to Danyang in northern Chungcheong. Yu-mi and Lee So-yeon.

In this episode, all four went on a “friendship trip” practicing a variety of extreme sports. They first questioned the zip line, showing a terrifying but exciting response to the dizzying heights.

However, Park Ha-sun expressed her fear by saying, “I don’t think I can ride this. I’m really afraid of the feeling of going down.Park Ha-sun has been wanting to try this ride for a while, but has confessed that she had a hard time taking the challenge because the trauma of the slip she experienced in the first place was too great.

Following the success of Shin Ae-ra, Jung Yu-mi and Lee So-yeon, Park Ha-sun also took courage and challenged the zipline.

The next course was the Alpine Coaster. After completing the health and safety training, as members entered one by one, Park Ha-sun was nowhere to be seen. Park Ha-sun stood alone saying: “I wasn’t like that at first, but after I had my baby, I started to fear the world.”

Shin Ae-ra said, “Park Ha-sun I know is a person with a strong sense of responsibility. Isn’t this program to experience extremes? He can ride whatever he wants, but I was worried he would go because of the responsibility. That’s why I just wanted to hug her.

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