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Park Seo Joon only uses for charity, Ma Dong Seok got his name from childhood memories

Sometimes the stage names have become so popular that they can become real artist names.

For various reasons, the artists chose a stage name other than their real one. (Photo: Biggo / Girlstalk)

Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo, the ace of “Runaway Man”, has changed her name many times, both in the entertainment industry and beyond. When she was born, she was named Cheon Seong Im, but her real name was born Cheon Soo Yeon.

the song of ji hyo
Song Ji Hyo is a name inspired by her idols. (Photo: Ize)

The actress’s name was Song Ji Hyo only when she started working in modeling. Her stage name came from the admiration of Song Seung Heon and Song Hye Kyo.

Bi Rain

Bi Rain gained popularity thanks to the famous series “Full House” and became widely known in Korea. The audience often knows the actor as Bi Rain and little knows that his real name is Jung Ji Hoon.

bi rain
Bi means “rain” in Korean. (Photo: Afangirlsheart)

The stage name was invented because the sky was raining every time he went to record a song. Due to his repetition, his old manager decided to name him Bi, which means “rain” in Korean.

Full Korean Cast
Bi Rain was popular thanks to “Full House”. (Photo: Imdb)

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin’s real name is Kim Hyun Joong. When the actor switched from modeling to acting, Hyun Jung took the name Kim Woo Bin, fearing being mistaken for senior singer Kim Hyun Joong, who played Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers.

who the flirtatious bin?
Woo Bin changed its name for fear of being mistaken. (Photo: Bisnis)

Seo Joon Park

Few viewers know Park Seo Joon’s real name is “Park Yong Kyu. To avoid the attention of the press, the actor only uses his real name in charity work.

Seo Joon Park
Park Seo Joon usually makes charitable donations under her real name. (Photo: Amazing)

Yoo gong

“Goblin” Gong Yoo has a real name, Gong Ji Cheol. His stage name is a combination of his mother and father’s surnames (“Yoo” and “Gong” respectively).

Yoo gong
“Gong Yoo” is a combination of his parents’ surnames. (Photo: Sina)

Ye Jin’s son

The registered name of Son Ye Jin is Son Eon Jin. The actress started using the name “Son Ye Jin” when she began her acting career. Her nickname is not much different from her real name.

Ye Jin's son
Son Ye Jin’s real name is not much different from her stage name. (Photo: Rakuten)

Hyun Bin

On the contrary, the nickname “Hyun Bin” has nothing to do with the real name of the actor. On the birth certificate, Hyun Bin’s real name is Kim Tae Pyeong. The media once reported that the reason for the name change was difficult to pronounce.

hyun bin
Hyun Bin had his current stage name as he found his real name difficult to pronounce. (Photo: Gukjenews)

Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah only changed her name after adopting this stage name. The real name of the actress is Jang Min Ah. While she was working as a model, she took care of “Yang Min Ah”. Min Ah was well known at the time because her name reminded people of Yang Mi Ra’s “Burger Girl”.

Shin min ah
The real name of Shin Min Ah is Jang Min Ah. (Photo: Janghaven)

This is Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neula’s real name is Kim Ha Neul. However, fearing that he would be mistaken for a famous actress, he decided to change his name a bit. “Ha Neul” it also means heaven, which is why the actor has kept this part of his name to preserve its meaning.

you are neul
Kang Ha Neul changed his name so that it would not be identical to someone else’s. (Photo: Techpinas)

Ma Dong Seok

Ma Dong Seok has an interesting history at his current stage and like his real name “Lee Dong Seok” was “twisted“.

Ma Dong Seok
“Ma Dong Seok” is a name inspired by childhood memories. (Photo: Insight)

When he was in elementary school, Ma Dong Seok got into a fight with a friend at school. Friends decided to call him “Ang-ma Dong Seok” (Demon Dongseok). His manager also felt that “Ma Dong Seok” would be unique and suitable for working in the industry. He even said that his father sometimes forgot his real name. Instead, his father used to call him by his nickname.

Source: K14


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