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Park Yeon Jin’s “The Glory” sentence, analyzed by a National Police University professor

Park Yeon Jin’s “The Glory” sentence, analyzed by a National Police University professor

Written by acclaimed screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and starring global star Song Hye Kyo, The Glory meticulously portrays the revenge art of a woman whose soul has been shattered by school violence.

“The Glory” revolves around Moon Dong Eun’s (Song Hye Kyo) plan to overthrow the main villain, Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon). Eventually, Park Yeon Jin ended up in prison.

However, Park Yeon Jin’s sentence is not revealed in the drama, so viewers assume that she was sentenced to life imprisonment because she committed two murders. And how in real life?

The death of Yoon So Hee (Lee So Ee), what is the “limitation period” actually?

In order to interrogate Park Yeon Jin for a murder 18 years ago, the “limitation period” and “name of the crime” must be carefully considered under the Criminal Procedure Act. On March 14, Professor Moon Sung Joon of the National Police University told Ilgan Sports:In the Criminal Procedure Act, the limitation period can be extended or waived, so it is necessary to look at the timing of the case and the limitation period. In the case of Yoon So Hee’s death, the statute of limitations did not expire both in 2007 and in 2015, when the Criminal Procedure Act was amended.


Professor Moon Sung Joon added:Even if Park Yeon Jin had no intention of killing Yoon So Hee, she would be charged with murder if she knew that her bullying would lead to Yoon So Hee’s death. In the drama, the victim died after being set on fire, which could be termed an “arson homicide”. Arson murder carries a higher sentence.

Myeong Oh’s son’s death is a “cruel crime” even if Park Yeon Jin didn’t do it alone

In the case of Son Myeong Oh’s death, the decisive murderer is Kyung Ran who was the victim of sex crimes, but Park Yeon Jin will be punished for the crime. In the case of Park Yeon Jin, the sentence could be severe due to the many factors weighing in according to the Jury Committee’s murder conviction criteria.


Then how many years was Park Yeon Jin sentenced to in the drama? Professor Moon Sung Joon said:Of course, she was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Yoon So Hee case itself will result in a life sentence, and the Son Myeong Oh case will also likely result in a life sentence.

source: Nate


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