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Photos from BTS Jungkook’s luxury hotel in Qatar show his worldwide superstar status

“He is the Prince of Qatar!”

BTS‘s Jungkook recently made history in 2022 FIFA World Cup the first Korean artist to perform at the opening ceremony.

While in Doha, Qatar, Jungkook was treated like royalty! In the photos shared by BTS employees, the luxurious space looks more like a palace than a hotel.

Beautiful views show off some of the best scenery Qatar has to offer, including private beaches and pools overlooking the city skyline.

Netizens were blown away by this epic hotel – and a little jealous of the BTS staff for such an amazing experience!

  • “Wow, look at the scale, it looks like it’s from Aladdin’s plan.”
  • “Crazy… This place looks daebak
  • “Wow, it’s not a hotel, it’s not a palace… I’m jealous of the staff *cries*”
  • “Thanks to Jungkookie, this staff had a good holiday too hahaha”

Of course, the food also looks very appetizing!

In some photos from around the hotel, Jungkook posed with various hotel and restaurant staff from Qatar.

Looks like he had a pleasant and luxurious experience!

Source: @bit.boot_naejoo/Instagram



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