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Pilot killed when plane fell in a fireball at the Reno Air Race in Nevada

The pilot was killed when their plane hit the ground and burst into flames during Sunday’s Reno Air Race in Nevada.

Race chairman Fred Telling said there was a “fatal accident” on the third lap of the Jet Gold Race and all other pilots were grounded.

The terrifying moment was captured in a racing YouTube live stream that showed the plane hitting the ground and exploding into a beftop.ore fireball, bouncing several times and falling to a stop.

“Oh no. Oh no – you can hear one commentator say before the other says,“ We’ve had a disaster here. ”Then you hear the race controllers announce“ red flag, red flag ”, interrupting the party.

The name of the pilot has not yet been made public.

“As you can appreciate, there is very little concrete data we can provide at the moment,” Mr. Telling said at a press conference. “However, we can confirm that there was a fatal accident on the fifth pylon during the third lap of the Jet Gold Race today.

“There will be a detailed investigation by the NTSB, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Federal Aviation Administration. All other pilots landed safely, and racing operations were soon curtailed and suspended.

“I personally and as a board of directors express our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the pilot, as well as to the competitors and racing fans who make up our family.”

Reno Air Races are held every September at Nevada’s Reno Stead Airport and feature competitions between different classes of aircraft such as biplanes and jets.


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