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Post Malone informs fans after falling and injuring ribs on stage: “It turned me on pretty well”

Post Malone posted a health update following a nasty fall on stage during a weekend concert in St. Louis.

The 27-year-old singer partially fell into a gap in the stage used to transport equipment and on Saturday (September 17) he hit his chest during a performance at the Enterprise Center.

The show was put on hold for a few minutes as the rapper, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, was being examined by doctors.

Malone returned to the stage and sang five more songs.

On Sunday (September 18), rapper “White Iverson” spoke about the incident in a music video, saying: “Every time we do the acoustic part of the concert, the guitars on the stand … they fall and it’s a big hole, so I go over there, turn a corner and I’m hitting my ass.

“[It] turned me on pretty well. I’ve got me pretty good. We just came back from the hospital and everything is fine – he added. “It’s okay. They gave me painkillers and everything else, and we can keep digging on the road.

Malone’s manager Dre London also posted an update on his health on Instagram, saying the rapper “didn’t break three ribs last night.” [sic] thank God.

“We took X-rays in [the] after a concert at the hospital and found he had bruised ribs! “

According to many eyewitnesses, Malone apologized to his fans for “ruining the show” after his demise, but people were so “set free” he was fine.

“Next time I’m around, we’ll do a two-hour program for you so we can make up for some missed songs that we missed,” Malone said in his video. “Thank you for your support and thank you for your love and thank you for being around even though she kicked me out.

“I love you guys. Thank you and have a good night. Thank you, St. Louis.


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