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Queen’s Queue Live: Mourners asked not to travel as waiting times extend to over 25 hours

The line to pay respect to the Queen’s coffin stopped for six hours after reaching capacity

Mourners were asked not to join the queue to pay tribute to the Queen as waiting times had reached more than 25 hours for those already warned of chilly weather and delays.

Late Friday night, the Department of Digital Affairs, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) called on mourners to check back on Saturday morning as “the line is almost full.”

On Friday night at around 10 p.m., police detained a man who reportedly stepped out of the line to approach the queen’s coffin, leaving several in Westminster Hall shocked.

It happened just hours after the princes’ vigil, when King Charles III and his three siblings held a 15-minute vigil at the coffin of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Emergency teams have healed 435 mourners since the line opened two days ago, and 42 have been hospitalized, with head injuries sustained from fainting, which accounted for the majority of incidents.


Queen’s grandchildren on Saturday vigil

The queen’s grandchildren will guard her coffin in London on Saturday, hours after their parents held an emotional vigil at the Palace of Westminster.

It is worth noting that the Duke of Sussex will join his brother the Prince of Wales in uniform around the coffin at Westminster Hall, ahead of the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

Harry, who saw action on the front line during two missions in Afghanistan, had previously been denied the option of wearing a military uniform during public mourning because he is no longer a working royal.

But royal sources say that the king decided that his youngest son could wear the wake uniform, saying that he would stand at the foot of the coffin with William at the helm.

Despite being a former army officer, he was in civilian clothes at official events, including walking behind his grandmother’s coffin on Wednesday when she was taken to Westminster Hall for lying in the state.

On Friday evening, the Queen’s children – Charles, Duke of York, Royal Princess and Earl of Wessex – took part in their own vigil.

The King, Anna, Andrew, and Edward had solemn expressions as they stood alertly around their mother’s coffin, heads bowed as the audience slowly passed them.

(Getty’s Pictures)


The vice president of China will attend the queen’s funeral amid reports of the blocking of the Chinese delegation

The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on Saturday that Vice President Wang Qishan would attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at the invitation of the British government.

It comes after parliamentary sources informed the BBC on Friday that a Chinese delegation visiting London for the Queen’s funeral had been blocked from seeing the coffin lying in the state.

Denying seeing such reports, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said the queen’s funeral was “an important event for Britain.”

“The overseas delegations attending the event at the invitation of Great Britain are a sign of respect for the Queen and the importance attached to (relations with) Great Britain,” said Mao.

The decision sparked the anger of a group of British Conservative MPs who were sanctioned by Beijing for criticizing alleged human rights violations in Xinjiang.


The mourners asked not to travel, as the waiting time in the line was extended to 24 hours

Mourners were told not to queue for the dead queen to lie down, as the waiting time was over 25 hours.

On Saturday morning, the Department’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) online tracker said wait times had increased to at least 25 hours as people lined up from Southwark Park in South East London.

“The line is almost full and there is a waiting time of at least 24 hours. Please do not go to stand in line ”- had been said a moment earlier.

People were already preparing for the cold weather, as the temperature dropped below 10C in the early morning.

Undeterred by the delay and the cold weather, the mourners still flock to Westminster Hall to see the Queen one last time.


“The planned visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to the Queen’s funeral would be a stain on her memory”

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia should not “allow the memory of the queen to be stained,” warned the fiancé of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi after reports said Mohammed bin Salman was planning to visit Britain.

Human rights defenders reacted with concern to the news first reported by CNN Arabicthat the Saudi heir to the throne would travel to London on Sunday to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after her death last week at the age of 96.

Click here to see the full story.



Truss to meet Jacinda Ardern on Saturday

Final preparations for the funeral are underway on Monday, and politicians and royal dignitaries from around the world are expected to arrive throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Liz Truss will meet Australian and New Zealand prime ministers Anthony Albanes and Jacinda Ardern at the government’s country residence in Chevening, spokesman No. 10 said.

Charles will also meet with Buckingham Palace chiefs of staff on Saturday and visit the police station to thank the emergency services for their work in planning the funeral.

On Sunday, Ms. Truss will meet Irish Taoiseach Michael Martin, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Polish President Andrzej Duda and US President Joe Biden in Downing Street.

She will have an audience with the King before attending a Sunday reception for Heads of State’s visit to Buckingham Palace.


King Charles swears to “protect the diversity of our country” and “space for faith”

King Charles said he had a personal “responsibility to protect our country’s diversity” in a speech to more than 30 religious leaders of various religions at a reception at Buckingham Palace’s bow hall.

“I always thought of Britain as a” community of fellowship, “said the new monarch. “It made me understand that the Sovereign has an additional duty – less formally recognized but no less conscientiously carried out.

“It is a duty to protect the diversity of our country, including the preservation of space for faith itself and its practice through the religions, cultures, traditions and beliefs to which we direct our hearts and minds as individuals.”

Charles said his own Christian beliefs “have love in their hearts” and that they “oblige” him to respect those who follow other religious paths.

“As a member of the Church of England, my Christian beliefs have love at heart. With my deepest convictions – as well as my sovereign position – I undertake to respect those who follow other spiritual paths, as well as those who strive to live in accordance with secular ideals.

“The beliefs that flourish in and contribute to our extremely diverse society vary. They and our society can only prosper through a clear collective commitment to these fundamental principles of freedom of conscience, generosity of spirit and concern for others, which are the essence of our nation to me.

“As King, I am determined to wholeheartedly uphold and promote these principles in all communities and beliefs.”


David Beckham waited in line for 13 hours all night to pay homage to the Queen

Legendary English football David Beckham was one of the hundreds of thousands of people who lined up outside Westminster Hall to pay the Queen’s final homage.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star said he stood in line for more than 12 hours on Friday to see the deceased monarch in the state.

He said it was a “very emotional” moment and the silence and feeling in the room were very hard to explain.

“We are all there to thank Her Majesty for being kind, for caring, for being comforted for years.

“She was our queen and the legacy she left behind is amazing.

“The fact that she has led the country the way she has led our country, for so many years that she has led, with the respect she has gained around the world – not just in our own country – says a lot.”

He said he was lining up from 2am to try to avoid the crowd, but the still high number of attendees thwarted his plans.


Eight of the best royal movies, from Queen to Favorite

For those who feel fully immersed in royal affairs and seek entertainment, my colleague Louis Chilton compiled a list of the best Hollywood movies about the royal family:


At the Queen’s funeral, cemeteries are closed, supermarkets are closed, and driving examinations are canceled

Oncology and cardiology surgery visits scheduled for Monday were canceled after the queen’s funeral day was declared a non-working day, leaving patients worried and confused.

But public services that are canceled go beyond the NHS.

My friend Jane Dalton we’ll look at the extent of the disruption here:


Epstein’s victims angered by Prince Andrew’s “public rehabilitation” during the Queen’s funerals

The victims of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein are said to be furious and upset by the return to public life of Prince Andrew, Epstein’s longtime friend and the person who settled the sexual assault case.

“It is frustrating for the victims who are involved to see him appear in this kind of public speaking and get praised by the public,” said Spencer Kevin, a Florida attorney who represented Epstein’s nine victims. Independent.

Our main US correspondent Andrzej Buncombe has a report:


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