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Rainn Wilson Accuses The Last of Us of “Anti-Christian” Prejudice

Rainn Wilson Accuses The Last of Us of “Anti-Christian” Prejudice

cried Rainn Wilson The last of us for perpetuating “anti-Christian prejudice in Hollywood” and subsequently criticized Fox News for covering his comments.

*Warning – a small spoiler ahead The last of us episode eight*

Office the star had a problem with the eighth episode of the hit video game adaptation, which featured a cannibalistic pastor named David (Scott Shepherd).

Over the weekend, Wilson tweeted: “I think there is an anti-Christian attitude in Hollywood. As soon as the character of David appears The last of us I started reading the Bible, I knew he was going to be a terrible villain.

“Can there be a Bible-reading preacher on the show who is truly loving and kind?”

The tweet sparked a debate about Christian perceptions of the film industry with nearly 8,000 comments at the time of writing.

However, Wilson later followed up the comment by explaining that he “isn’t even a Christian” and mocked the conservative American broadcaster Fox News for describing his view.

“Here are some funny things about anti-Christian prejudice in Hollywood. My tweet of opinion was received as a front page news by @FoxNews. Talk about bias. An organization created as a corporate taunt to create a division purely for profit based on the outrage over the culture war. Print it!” Wilson wrote.

He continued: “Of course it’s true that the evangelical-political coalition is doing a lot of damage to our country. Ban books – ban freedom – deny inconvenient science, embrace a grotesque anti-LGBTQ+ platform…

“But most of the Christians I know are kind, accepting, loving and trying to make the world a better place. They should also be honored in the media.”

Right-wing shops and media personalities have targeted themselves The last of us for featuring multiple LGBT+ stories in its first season.

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro has once again been ridiculed for his failed screenwriting career after criticizing an HBO drama.

The show’s star, Pedro Pascal (Joel), recently shut down a paparazzo who repeatedly questioned him about LGBT+ themes on the show.


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