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Real Thoughts: EXO’s Kai gets real about what he really feels when he goes viral

Real Thoughts: EXO’s Kai gets real about what he really feels when he goes viral

He’s as honest as can be.

EXO‘S Kai just returned to the music scene with the song “Rover”. This is his third title track coming right after his viral debut track “Mmmh” and the melodic return track “Peaches”. This time, “Rover” is an upbeat, Latin-inspired single that focuses on the message of self-love.

He has been a fan favorite since his debut in 2011 with “Wolf”. The EXO member has built a strong career with the fandom and the general public through countless appearances and appearances on TV shows.

His toned-down physique, amazing dancing, and charming personality have made him a viral sensation over the years. For example, his single “Mhmm” was one of the trendiest challenges in 2020 and gained millions of views with each performance.

Asked by Uproxx, “Are you aware of your virality every time you come back?”

Kai replied directly that his fame is not the most important part of his day. She reminds herself that focusing on small things like virality is generally not healthy.

Well, I don’t really focus on that This A lot. I don’t feel that much because it’s a fight with myself because time is really limited.

— Kai

Instead, Kai tries to use his time productively. Instead of focusing on what has garnered millions of views, he looks for ways to improve himself for the sake of his fans.

We only have 24 hours a day, and there’s so much good I want to do and show my fans.

— Kai

At the same time, he admitted that he felt pressure to do better every time. He wants to do “something good” at the end of the day.

Besides focusing on the virality I bring or the popularity I have, I have a bit of pressure to focus on doing something good.

— Kai



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